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How do I know if my patient is a good candidate for a JH PACT referral?

JH PACT is generally a good fit for COVID-19 patients who required ICU care for COVID-19 illness. A JH PACT referral can also be beneficial to hospitalized patients who experienced any of the following, even if they didn’t need an ICU stay:

  • Significant persistent respiratory symptoms
  • New or increased oxygen requirements at discharge 
  • Inpatient pulmonary consultation that recommended enrollment in the program
  • Inpatient rehabilitation consultation with recommendations for post-discharge rehab

Finally, patients with lingering symptoms eight weeks post-COVID-19 diagnosis may also qualify.

Physician referral is required for an appointment in the JH PACT clinic. Our team will review records to determine eligibility before scheduling.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 volume fluctuations, eligibility criteria are subject to change. At this time, due to telemedicine restrictions and high volumes, we are unable to consistently accept out-of-state referrals.

How do I refer my patient to JH PACT?

Please complete this form and email all referrals to [email protected].

Who do I contact with questions about JH PACT?

Any questions regarding the JH PACT service can be directed to [email protected].