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Research Areas and Labs

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Research centers and labs at the Brady Urological Institute are pushing the boundaries of science and continuing our legacy of innovation. Researchers at the Brady Urological Institute continue to transform how urologic conditions like prostate and bladder cancers are detected and treated. Meet our investigators, whose discoveries give hope to patients around the world.


Research Centers and Programs

  • Bladder Cancer Research Center

    Surgical, medical and radiation oncology experts at Johns Hopkins work together as a team to coordinate care for bladder cancer patients. They continue ground-breaking research and clinical trials to improve detection and treatment.

  • Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute

    As part of the revolution in bladder cancer research and clinical discovery, our team is bringing gene therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies, tumor sequencing, clinical trials, drug development and other innovations, all for the benefit of bladder cancer patients.

  • Schaufeld Program for Prostate Cancer in Black Men

    The Schaufeld Program for Prostate Cancer in Black Men was established in 2021 as a scientifically grounded, community-based program with the mission to reduce the impact of prostate cancer among Black Men, with a focus on those in Baltimore and Washington DC.


Our Labs

  • Kenneth J. Pienta Lab

    The Kenneth J. Pienta laboratory has championed the concept that cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis can best be understood utilizing the principles of Ecology. As a result, the Pienta laboratory is working to develop new treatments for cancer utilizing network disruption.

    Lab Website

    Principal Investigator

    Kenneth Pienta, M.D.

  • Neuro-Urology Laboratory

    The Neuro-Urology Laboratory is improving and preserving erectile and voiding function for those with pelvic disorders.

    Lab Website

    Principal Investigator

    Arthur Burnett, M.D.

  • Shawn Lupold Laboratory

    The Shawn Lupold Laboratory studies the biology of urologic malignancies, like prostate cancer, to create new experimental diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic agents.

    Lab Website

    Principal Investigator

    Shawn Lupold, Ph.D.

  • URobotics

    URobotics is a research and education program that uses advanced technology to improve how urological diseases are diagnosed and treated. The URobotics lab’s main focus is creating robots that aid in real-time, image-guided interventions. This multidisciplinary team of urologists, radiologists and engineers has teamed up to revolutionize how surgeries are performed.

    Lab Website

    Principal Investigator

    Dan Stoianovici, Ph.D.

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