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COVID-19 Update

Due to interest in the COVID-19 vaccines, we are experiencing an extremely high call volume. Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs. We are unable to accept phone calls to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations at this time. When this changes, we will update this website. Our vaccine supply remains limited. Read all COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

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Meet Our Residents

Current Residents 

Former Residents 

Chief Residents

  • Farzana Faisal, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Yale University
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
    Portrait of Farzana Faisal
  • Natasha Gupta, M.D.

    Undergraduate:Duke University
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
    Other: Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship 
    Portrait of Natasha Gupta, M.D.
  • Alexa Meyer, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Columbia University
    Medical School: Columbia University
    Portrait of Alexa Meyer, M.D.

Senior Residents (PGY-5)

  • Russell Becker, M.D., Ph.D.

    Undergraduate: Kalamazoo College
    Graduate: University of Chicago
    Medical School: University of Chicago
    Portrait of Russell Becker, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Michael Biles, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Princeton University
    Medical School: Columbia University
    Portrait of Michael Biles, M.D.
  • Kelly Harris, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Washington and Lee University
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
    Portrait of Kelly Harris, M.D.

Research Residents (PGY-4)

  • Yasin Bhanji, M.D.

    Undergraduate: University of Chicago
    Medical School: Northwestern University
    Yasin Bhanji, M.D.
  • Hasan Dani, M.D.

    Undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley
    Medical School: State University of New York Downstate 
    Portrait of Hasan Dani, M.D.
  • James Liu, M.D.

    Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
    Medical School: Tulane University 
    Portrait of James Liu, M.D.

Junior Residents (PGY-3)

  • Ridwan Alam, M.D., M.P.H.

    Undergraduate: Wayne State University
    Graduate:Johns Hopkins University
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
    Portrait of Ridwan Alam, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Nora Haney, M.D., M.B.A.

    Undergraduate: Columbia University
    Graduate: Tulane University
    Medical School: Tulane University
    Portrait of Nora Haney, M.D., M.B.A.
  • Taylor Kohn, M.D., M.Phil.

    Undergraduate: Baylor College of Medicine
    Graduate: University of Manchester, England
    Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
    Portrait of Taylor Kohn, M.D., M.Phil.

Junior Residents (PGY-2)

  • Sean Fletcher, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Yale University
    Medical School: Harvard University
    Portrait of Sean Fletcher, M.D.
  • Andrew Gabrielson, M.D.

    Undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley
    Medical School: Tulane University
    Portrait of Andrew Gabrielson, M.D.
  • Katherine Rodriguez, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Baylor University
    Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
    Portrait of Katherine Rodriguez, M.D.

Junior Residents (PGY-1)

  • Lamont Wilkins, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Wayne State University
    Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
    Portrait of Lamont Wilkins, M.D.
  • Logan Galansky, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Pomona College
    Medical School: University of Chicago
    Portrait of Logan Galansky, M.D.
  • Zhuo Tony Su, M.D.

    Undergraduate: Yale University
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
    Portrait of Zhuo Tony Su, M.D.


Readal, Nathaniel (2015-2016) 
Private Practice, Butte, Montana 

Kaye, Deborah (2015-2016) 
Faculty, Duke University 

Ball, Mark (2015-2016) 
Faculty, National Institutes of Health 

Kern, Adam (2014-2015) 
Private Practice, Baltimore, Maryland 

Sundi, Debasish (2014-2015) 
Faculty, The Ohio State University 

Gandhi, Nilay (2014-2015) 
Private Practice, Alexandria, Virginia 

Mullins, Jeffrey (2013-2014) 
Private Practice, Chattanooga, Tennessee 

Gupta, Angela (2013-2014) 
Faculty, Texas Children’s Hospital 

Anusionwu, Ifeanyichukwu (2013-2014) 
Private Practice, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Pierorazio, Phillip (2012-2013) 
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University 

Eifler, John (2012-2013) 
Private Practice, Jeffersonville, Indiana 

Ross, Ashley (2011-2012) 
Private Practice, Dallas, Texas 

Schaeffer, Anthony (2011-2012) 
Faculty, University of Utah 

Loeb, Stacy (2010-2011) 
Faculty, New York University 

Semins, Michelle Jo (2010-2011) 
Faculty, University of Pittsburgh 

Roberts, Wilmer (2009-2010) 
Faculty, Harvard Medical School 

Bivalacqua, Trinity (2009-2010) 
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University 

Hernandez, David (2008-2009) 
Faculty, University of South Florida 

Miles-Thomas, Jennifer (2008-2009) 
Private Practice, Norfolk, Virginia 

Nielsen, Matthew (2007-2008) 
Faculty, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Makarov, Danil (2007-2008) 
Faculty, New York University 

Schaeffer, Edward (2006-2007) 
Chairman, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois 

Warlick, Christopher (2006-2007) 
Faculty, University of Minnesota 

Allaf, Mohamad (2005-2006) 
Vice Chairman, Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Rogers, Craig (2005-2006) 
Chair, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Michigan 

Ong, Albert (2004-2005) 
Private practice, Orlando, Florida 

Gonzalgo, Mark (2004-2005) 
Vice Chairman,  University of Miami 

Gretzer, Matthew (2003-2004) 
Faculty, University of Arizona 

Boyle, Karen (2003-2004) 
Private Practice, Baltimore, Maryland 

Roberts, William (2002-2003) 
Faculty, University of Michigan 

Parsons, J. Kellogg (2002-2003) 
Faculty, University of California, San Diego 

Dodson, Jennifer (2001-2002) 
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University 

Han, Misop (2001-2002) 
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University 

Chan, David (2000-2001) 
Vice-Chairman, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System 

Potter, Steven (2000-2001) 
Private Practice, Tyler, Texas 

Lee, Ben (1999-2000) 
Chairman, University of Arizona 

Jackman, Stephen (1999-2000) 
Faculty, University of Pittsburgh 

Pound, Charles (1998-1999) 
Chairman, University of Mississippi 

Cadeddu, Jeffrey (1998-1999) 
Faculty, University of Texas Southwestern 

Rodriguez, Ronald (1997-1998) 
Chairman, University of Texas, San Antonio 

Schulam, Peter (1997-1998) 
Chairman, Yale University 

Hedican, Sean (1996-1997) 
Faculty, University of Wisconsin 

Polascik, Thomas (1996-1997) 
Faculty, Duke University 

Cisek, Lars (1995-1996) 
Faculty, University of Texas, Houston 

Partin, Alan (1994-1995) 
Chairman, Johns Hopkins University 

Sanda, Martin (1994-1995) 
Chairman, Emory University 

Brooks, James (1993-1994) 
Vice Chairman, Stanford University 

Burnett, Arthur (1993-1994) 
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University 

Borland, R. Neill (1992-1993) 
Private Practice, Jupiter, Florida 

Newmark, Jay (1992-1993) 
Private Practice, Chicago, Illinois 

Steiner, Mitchell (1991-1992) 
Private Industry 

Morton, Ronald (1991-1992) 
Private Industry 

Steinberg, Gary (1990-1991) 
Faculty, New York University 

Treiger, Brent (1990-1991) 

Burgers, John (1989-1990) 
Faculty, Ohio State University 

Billups, Kevin (1989-1990) 
Private Practice, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 

Quinlan, David (1988-1989) 
Faculty, St. Vincent's Hospital, Ireland 

Schlegel, Peter (1988-1989) 
Chairman, Cornell Medical Center 

Oesterling, Joseph (1987-1988) 
Former Professor and Chairman, University of Michigan 

Alexander, Richard (1987-1988) 
Private Practice, Greenfield, Massachusetts 

Naslund, Michael (1986-1987) 
Chairman, University of Maryland 

Peters, Craig (1986-1987) 
Chairman, Children's National Medical Center 

Jarow, Jonathan (1985-1986) 
Senior Medical Advisor, Food and Drug Administration 

Shapiro, Ellen (1985-1986) 
Faculty, New York University 

Lepor, Herbert (1984-1985) 
Chairman, Department of Urology, New York University 

Lowe, Franklin (1984-1985) 
Faculty, Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

Diamond, David (1983-1984) 
Chairman, Boston Children's Hospital 

Albertsen, Peter (1983-1984) 
Chairman, University of Connecticut Health Center 

Mostwin, Jacek (1982-1983) 
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University 

McCullough, Andrew (1982-1983) 
Faculty, Tufts University 

Elder, Jack (1981-1982) 
Faculty, Henry Ford Health System 

Nyberg, Leroy (1981-1982) 
Retired, Former Director of Urology, National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH 

Yu, George (1980-1981) 
Private Practice, Annapolis, Maryland 

Murphy, Joseph (1980-1981) 
Private Practice, Baltimore, Maryland 

Menon, Mani (1979-1980) 
Chairman, Henry Ford Hospital 

Reiner, William (1979-1980) 
Faculty, University of Oklahoma 

Weissman, Robert (1978-1979) 
Private Practice, Bellevue, Washington 

Greco, Joseph (1978-1979) 
Private Practice, Buffalo, New York 

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