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Date: 11/16/2020Is it time to replace your face mask? Here’s what you need to know

Date: 11/16/2020‘Around 65%, 70% of the population’ needs to take a 90%-effective coronavirus vaccine, Johns Hopkins expert says

Date: 11/13/2020Why experts urge caution in using covid risk and tracking tools

Date: 10/22/2020Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit Annual Report

Date: 10/15/2020Defense Department study finds low risk of coronavirus infection through air on a packed airline flight

Date: 09/23/2020Johns Hopkins Researchers Publish COVID-19 ‘Prediction Model’

Date: 08/26/2020CDC Alters Coronavirus Testing Rules for Those with No Symptoms

Date: 07/24/2020Family Audio Recordings Help Humanize COVID-19 ICU Patients for Medical Staff

Date: 06/24/2020The Steroid Dexamethasone Is the First Drug Shown to Reduce COVID-19 Deaths

Date: 06/23/2020Howard County Couple Treated Together for Coronavirus Now Back Home Recovering

Date: 06/12/2020'I Was Scared When I Saw Myself’ | Marathon Runner in Peak Physical Condition Hospitalized by COVID-19; Now on the Road to Recovery

Date: 05/06/2020Dr. Brian Garibaldi on the View of COVID-19 from the Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit

Date: 05/03/2020Baltimore-area Hospital Workers Battle Emotions as Well as the Virus

Date: 04/14/2020 - In JHH Biocontainment Unit, Teamwork Is Contagious

Date: 04/08/2020Johns Hopkins Doctor on Hydroxychloroquine, Coronavirus Asymptomatic Carriers

Date: 04/07/2020Lessons from 40 COVID Patients in the ICU with Brian Garibaldi

Date: 03/28/2020What It’s Like to Treat Patients with COVID-19 – a Doctor’s Perspective

Date: 03/27/2020How the Coronavirus Attacks Your Body

Date: 03/26/2020Doctor Exposed to COVID-19 Joins Fight for Possible Treatment Drug

Date: 03/16/2020Hope Experimental Medicine Can Crack the Corona (Norwegian media)

Date: 03/13/2020 - A Look Inside the Biocontainment Unit at Johns Hopkins

Date: 03/04/2020Coronavirus: How U.S. Hospitals Are Preparing for COVID-19, and What Leading Health Officials Say about the Virus

Date: 02/26/2020Biocontainment Expert on Coronavirus: There's No Need for Average People to Panic Yet

Date: 02/04/2020 Johns Hopkins Prepares for 2019 Novel Coronavirus: Ask the Expert

Date: 01/29/2020Coronavirus? Johns Hopkins Doctor Says You’re More Likely to Get the Flu

Date: 01/29/2020What Is Coronavirus and What Precautions Should People Be Taking?

Date: 01/29/2020 Coronavirus Preparation Underway at Maryland Hospitals and Schools as State Awaits Results of First Test

Date: 01/29/2020 - Combating the Coronavirus in the Capital

Date: 01/27/2020 - With Coronavirus Cases Growing, Johns Hopkins Specialized Unit Prepared to Take Patients

Date: 01/26/2020 - New Coronavirus as Dangerous as SARS? No Clarity Yet

Date: 01/24/2020Too Soon to Tell if New Virus as Dangerous as SARS Cousin

Date: 01/24/2020How the Coronavirus Outbreak in China Impacts Lunar New Year Travel

Date: 02/19/2019 - The BCU team coauthored seven publications in the February 2019 issue of Health Security:

Date: 02/04/2019 - Ebola Outbreak Reminds Us that We Need Pandemic Preparedness

Date: 12/18/2018 - The Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit Takes Preparing for Ebola to a New Level

Date: 08/23/2017 - The BCU participated in an ASPR/TRACIE webinar designed to enhance transportation capabilities for patients infected with high consequence pathogens. Brian Garibaldi and Shawn Brast shared the Hopkins experience transporting multiple patients and pediatrics patients as part of preparedness drills over the last 2 years. Link to the webinar can be found at:

Date: 04/20/2017 - The BCU team and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) partnered together to develop and film a protocol for deceased patients with high consequence pathogens. Filmed on the BCU with BCU staff, the video will be shared with Maryland state partners to train clinical provider teams to safely manage a deceased patient. The video can be viewed at:

Date: 02/03/2017 - The BCU has partnered with the Berman Institute of Bioethics to help form the Center for Bridging Infectious Disease, Genomics, and Society (BRIDGES). The center is funded through a Center of Excellence in ELSI Research (CEER) grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). The goal of BRIDGES is ensure that the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) of novel innovations in technology are considered when making clinical and public health decisions. The BCU will specifically focus on how new developments in host and pathogen genomics impact decision making in the context of high consequence pathogens such as Ebola. 

Date: 12/21/2016 - A team of researchers from The Johns Hopkins Hospital Biocontainment Unit, including Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., senior director of infection prevention for the Johns Hopkins Health System, and Brian Garibaldi, M.D., the associate medical director for The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Biocontainment Unit, published a manuscript in December in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. In their research, they found that factory default settings on the steam sterilizer used to decontaminate patient waste from the hospital’s Biocontainment Unit are potentially ineffective. The lessons learned from this study could inform waste management protocols to ensure effective sterilization.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital was selected as the Ebola and Other Special Pathogens Center for Region 3 by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). This federal designation makes the BCU one of 10 national centers with the capacity to handle high consequence pathogens in a safe and controlled environment. Learn more.

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