Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Sports Medicine is a program developed to help athletes in returning to their sport after injury. 

Sports rehabilitation can include a physical therapy program to help professional athletes in returning to their sport after injury. It addresses injuries that occur among children involved in any sport such as volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, etc. It is designed to treat injuries such as muscle strains, tendonitis, bursitis, sprains, walking/gait abnormalities, improper movement patterns, and decreased flexibility. A sports medicine approach to physical therapy targets the muscle groups and movements specific to each sport.

A patient undergoing physical therapy

Program Overview

  • A one-on-one sports injury assessment based on your child’s physical and skeletal maturity, skill level and performance goals
  • Individualized treatment to return your child back to his/her sport in a healthy, competitive condition, prepared with the knowledge/skill to avoid re-injury
  • Personalized therapeutic exercise program designed to increase physical performance through improving flexibility, range of motion, strength, coordination and endurance
  • Requires commitment on the part of the child and parent in consistent performance and completion of home exercises

Why is this Important?

Beginning therapy early allows your child to benefit from manual soft tissue and joint mobilization to decrease the initial pain and inflammation of an injury. Treating sports injuries purely with medication and rest does not target the skills and strength required to return to a sport or to decrease the risk of re-injury. Johns Hopkins All Children’s physical therapists blend their skills in sports medicine and unique knowledge of pediatric growth and development to provide comprehensive care for your athletic child.

How Do I Get Started?

  • If your child has been injured or has recurrent injuries, then you should request a prescription from your doctor for “Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment”
  • The evaluation and treatment should be provided by a physical therapist with training and experience helping children with sports injuries or orthopedic conditions

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