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At the Johns Hopkins All Children's Spina Bifida Clinic, we understand a diagnosis of spina bifida requires lifelong treatment with multiple specialists. Our team of experts based in St. Petersburg, Florida, ensure that your child has the opportunity for their highest level of function.

Comprehensive care for spina bifida

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Our Spina Bifida Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to caring for your child. Our team helps you make decisions through family-centered care that promote independence as much as possible into adulthood. This begins with a well-coordinated plan involving evaluations and the latest therapies at every stage of their life.

We develop a personalized and coordinated care plan for your child. This involves our team and a range of experts conveniently located within the hospital to be involved with the care of your child.

We meet with each patient to set goals for age-appropriate care at each developmental stage.

Patients at the Spina Bifida Clinic can also be referred to the following specialties:

Our Approach to Spina Bifida Care

Spina bifida is often diagnosed through prenatal testing, through a blood test or prenatal ultrasound. Amniocentesis and other tests can also be performed to detect or confirm the presence of spina bifida.

At times, if relatively small, spina bifida is not diagnosed during pregnancy and discovered at or after birth.

Treatment options for spina bifida depend upon the type and severity. A neural tube defect can involve different areas of the body beyond the nervous and skeletal systems. Your child may require the expertise of a team of medical professionals.

Families that face spina bifida have a good reason for hope because most children with this defect go on to live active and productive lives. Some go on to college, hold jobs in a range of professions and have families. This is especially true with encouragement and support from loved ones and the best resources available.

Watch and Be Inspired by Harper's Story

Two-year-old Harper was born with spina bifida, a birth defect which can cause paralysis. But with help from pediatric therapists at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Harper is exceeding expectations and inspiring others with her story.


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