Dream Builders Legacy Society

Create Your Legacy. Become a Dream Builder.

Dream Builders are a special group of friends who have included Johns Hopkins All Children's Foundation in their estate plans. The generosity and vision of these invaluable donors ensures that Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital can continue its outstanding work to save precious lives and help serve the needs of our patients and families.

You become part of this distinguished society of Dream Builders by including a gift to Johns Hopkins All Children's in your will or trust, or by naming us as a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or other account.

As an expression of gratitude for their generosity, Dream Builders receive:

  • Our exclusive annual Impact Report
  • Invitation to exclusive events to learn about the latest medical advances and research
  • Invitation to bi-annual donor recognition event
  • Opportunity to share your story
  • Named as a Dream Builder in For The Kids magazine*
  • Listed on the Dream Builder recognition wall*
  • Listed on the Planned Giving website*

*Your privacy is very important to us. Please let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Please fill out our contact form to learn how you can become a Dream Builder by developing a gift that best meets your needs.

If you have already included a gift in your estate to support Johns Hopkins All Children's Foundation, please let us know. We want to properly thank you and welcome you to our family of Dream Builders.

Meet Our Dream Builders

Read stories of Dream Builders and what inspired them to remember Johns Hopkins All Children’s in their estate plans.

Thank you to our Dream Builders

  • Anonymous Friends
  • Stephen & Kay Aidlin
  • Sam & Peggy Albano
  • Jane E. Alsten
  • Edward Ameen
  • Shirley & Harvey Axelrod
  • Bob and Lydia Bailey
  • William C. Ballard
  • Ken and Sandi Banks
  • Jerry L. Barbosa, M.D.
  • Jack & Val Beatty
  • Gideon H. Bender
  • Charles G. Billone
  • Jimmie W. Bonbright
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Bourdow
  • Charles & Terry Bower
  • John and Ann Boyd
  • Margaret A. Brewer
  • Mollie Dewilla and Carroll (Kelly) Brown
  • Donald Brown, M.D.
  • The Yolanda L. Buchanan Excellence in Nursing Fund
  • Jack & Freida Burrell
  • Janet B. Cady
  • In Celebration of Mitch Capin
  • In Celebration of Regina and Carolina Cretella
  • John & Sally Day
  • Lorraine M. DeLange
  • Stephen & Joan Delap
  • Dr. & Mrs. Frank Diamond
  • Ed & Laurie Dyl
  • Gary L. & Carol A. Dziubek
  • Gary R. Froid - Froid Family Foundation
  • Michael and Nancy Gallant
  • Alan and Marcia Gassman
  • In Celebration of Raymond Gilligan
  • Holger & Deanna Gleim
  • In Celebration of Sharon Lynn and Mark Charles Gugino
  • The Bev and Brad Hahn Family
  • Mrs. Irwin Cross & Mrs. Henry I. Cross
  • Penelope P. Hart and Earl B. Hart
  • J. Bruce Hess, M.D.
  • Terry & Elissa Hirsch
  • In Honor of Henry, Love, Wilma and Inez Holloway
  • David & Lisa Hood
  • Nettie Hopper
  • J. Lloyd Horton
  • Beth A. Houghton
  • Michael and Claire Howatt
  • Evelyn K. Hoyt, In Loving Memory of Capt. LeRoy L. Hoyt, USN
  • In Celebration of Andrew R. Ferrell
  • Richard M. and Evelyn W. Jerger
  • Barbara R. Jordan
  • Catherine Coleman Kane
  • Katzenstein-Highley Family
  • Mrs. Sean R. Kelly
  • Bruce W. Kelm & Annette M. Kelm
  • Kevin & Amy Kelso
  • Judith E. Keyak
  • Edward M. and Betty L. King
  • Dr. David & Stephanie Klein
  • Robert M. Kropp, M.D.
  • Ed and Linda Kuehnle
  • Rick & Cindi Lambert
  • Lydia H. Landa
  • William R. Lane, Jr. & Sylvia H. Lane
  • The LaPrade Family
  • Mary Ellen "Mel" Lewis
  • Lola Little
  • Terry & Tim Martsolf
  • Adolfo and T.J. Marzol
  • John & Diane Montemarano
  • Will and Ashley Nall
  • Bonnie Peavy
  • Christine B. Perera
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arnold K. Priebe
  • Harold & Joyce Rau
  • Mary Anne Reilly
  • Dr. & Mrs. Michael Reisman
  • Wanda Jean Reybuck
  • Linda and David Salverson
  • Mrs. Robert Saron
  • Greg Savage
  • Jennifer Schaefer
  • Carole B. Schwartz
  • Don W. Segui
  • Mr. & Mrs. John W. Shelton, Jr.
  • Robert S. & Carolyn G. Sherman
  • Jean M. Slocum
  • Claudia Sokolowski
  • Louis W. Solomon, M.D.
  • Gene G. Stern
  • Ronald & Marcia Stone & Family
  • Dr. Stacey Stone
  • In Celebration of Willow Hamilton
  • Richard C. Thie, II and Eleanor B. Deskin
  • Julie Vassilaros
  • Sheila Ann Vincent
  • Carla and Charlie Wallace
  • Melanie Ann Weill
  • David H. Wilbanks
  • Ken and Karen Wood
  • Mitch and Debra Ziobro

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