Pediatric RN Residency Program

Team of pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Pediatric RN Residency.

A 12-month foundational program for recent nursing graduates or otherwise eligible nurses

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The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Pediatric RN Residency is dedicated to providing a 12-month foundational program for the graduate or otherwise eligible nurse to provide the support and knowledge to grow into a competent pediatric professional practitioner. In addition to hospital nursing orientation, the RN Residency Program consists of:

  • 56 hours of general classes within the first 12 weeks
  • Four-hour Survive & Thrive sessions, scheduled regularly from month 3 to month 12 (total of 28 hours)

These classes will be accompanied by preceptor-led orientation to the unit of hire, unit specific classes and training, looping opportunities to other hospital departments and services, simulation, a mentor program, clinical debriefings, and self-care sessions. All new graduate nurses are expected to actively participate in the RN Residency Program.

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Accreditation Statement
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital RN Residency Program is accredited with distinction as a Practice Transition Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation in Practice Transition Programs.

The current sites included in this accreditation with distinction designation are:
1. Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

The current workplace settings included in this accreditation with distinction designation are:
1. Medical-Surgical
2. Oncology
3. Critical Care
4. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
5. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
6. Operating Room
7. Emergency Department

Hiring Units

The following units hire new graduate nurses into our RN Residency Program. The number of hires and which cohorts they hire into depending upon the hiring needs of the unit.

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Upcoming RN Residency Dates

Update: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, please check back frequently for any updates.

Next Residency Class Start Date Applications Accepted RN Residency Interview Event * by invitation only, dates subject to change Proof of Florida Licensure Required by
November 6, 2023 June 2-5, 2023 July 11, 12, & 14, 2023 Proof of Florida Licensure is always required by at least 1 week prior to start date
March 2024 September 29 – October 2, 2023 November 7, 8, & 10, 2023 Proof of Florida Licensure is always required by at least 1 week prior to start date
 July 29, 2024 March 1-4, 2024   April 9, 10, & 12, 2024  Proof of Florida Licensure is always required by at least 1 week prior to start date

Please note: Job posting will not be available for you to apply until the application window opens.

To submit an online application during open dates:

  • For external applicants, go to our career website and search for "RN New Graduate Pediatric Residency Program - St. Petersburg, Florida."
  • For internal applicants, go to Success Factors and click Careers. Search for "RN New Graduate Pediatric Residency Program - St. Petersburg, Florida" 
  • Please note: Job posting will not be available for you to apply until the application window opens.

For your application to be considered complete, you must upload the following required documentation. Please combine documents into 1 PDF and upload together.

  1. Resume (including ALL nursing experience and education)
  2. Cover Letter (detailing interest in Pediatrics and Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital) 
  3. Internal Applicants Only – 1 letter of recommendation is required. This letter must be from your direct supervisor, manager, or director.

**All documents should be combined as 1 PDF and uploaded together.

Receipt of all documentation will complete your application. Documentation must be received by the dates listed above, in order for your application to be considered. Incomplete applications may not be considered.

Please note that once you hit submit/apply (finalize your application) you cannot go back into this position and edit or add any missing information.

For information regarding the application process and the RN Residency Interview Event, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Residency Program Requirements for New Hire or Transfer:

  • BSN is preferred
  • Candidates who have less than six months work experience as an RN prior to cohort start date
  • Current Florida RN License will be required at least one week prior to start date

If you plan to apply to future cohorts, please visit this web page for updates.

Transfer Guidelines

An RN Resident will not be eligible for transfer to another unit/department until two years from the completion of their orientation, except with Administrative approval.

RN Residency Program Description

Initial Cohort Classes

The first 12 weeks of the RN Residency Program serve to introduce the new graduate nurse to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, the role of the registered nurse, and patient care. Foundational knowledge will be explored, including safety, conflict management, prioritization, communication, and time management. Resources within the hospital will be presented as the resident is immersed in the support of the team. (The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital RN Residency Program classes will begin following New Employee Orientation and general Nursing Orientation).

Survive & Thrive Classes

Survive & Thrive is an extension of the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital RN Residency Program. These 4 hour sessions are held every 6-8 weeks and begin during the third month of RN resident orientation. The educational topics presented in these sessions will build upon the foundational knowledge provided during the resident's first 12 weeks class time, while providing an introduction to professional development. The resident will be introduced to the Mentor Program and continue to receive support through peer interaction with the Self-Care Team and Clinical Debriefings.

Unit Specific Education & Training

RN Residents will receive education & training specific to the unit that they are hired to, in addition to the general RN Residency cohort classes.

Preceptor-led Orientation

RN Residents will be paired with preceptors for the length of their orientation. The preceptor will oversee the clinical development of the RN Resident and will evaluate the RN Resident’s competency levels.


The RN Residency Program utilizes a variety of teaching methodologies throughout the curriculum. One such method is simulation. The RN Residents will have the opportunity to participate in simulations in our Simulation Center, to receive hands-on training with real-world applications in a safe environment.

Mentor Program

This program focuses on the introduction of the RN resident to the world of mentoring. The RN resident will learn the difference between a mentor and a preceptor, and will receive guidance in the determination of a mentor. The mentor and RN resident will receive instruction, support, and encouragement regarding their relationship. The program is facilitated by the Mentor Team.

Self-Care Team 

This program provides the RN Resident with information on self-care during their new career as a registered nurse. The Support Team sessions provide the opportunity for discussion and sharing of experiences encountered in the practice setting, with a focus on maintaining and supporting the self. The program is facilitated by the Support Team.

Clinical Debriefing

The debriefing sessions provide the opportunity for RN Resident to discuss and analyze scenarios, challenges, and successes in the clinical setting while receiving support and encouragement from peers.