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Frequently Asked Questions and Tip Sheets


General Information

  • JHM CareLink is a web-based application for connecting JHM member organizations to community practices. Through JHM CareLink, community users can gain secure access to select patient information in the JHM EMR data repository and improve the continuity of care. This continuity provides many benefits for our patients, including the following:

    • Provides a more transparent flow of information between physicians.
    • Makes it easier for external physicians to place referrals and orders to JHM.
    • Connects clinicians at JHM with specialists using e-visits, providing care to a broader group of patients.
    • Lets JHM send releases of information electronically to community clinics.
    • Gives your community clinics access to review the patient’s chart for coding and following up on claims.
    • Allows for coordination of social services outside of JHM.
    JHM CareLink is not an EMR solution; it is a mostly read-only application with a few service-oriented features, such as procedure order entry and co-signing home health orders.
  • JHM CareLink provides referring physicians with access to their patients’ medical records for 90 days following a physician consultation, labs or imaging tests, outpatient visits or hospitalization at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and Johns Hopkins physicians’ outpatient services. You can also order a specialty consultation to be scheduled by the patient.

  • Community users outside of JHM who need to review the clinical and administrative information of patients seen within Johns Hopkins Medicine member organizations. Community users could include the following:

    • Referring physicians
    • Referred-to physicians
    • Contracted physicians
    • Community physicians and their support staff
    • Legal offices or agencies requesting documentation through HIM
    • Community-based and public health organizations
  • There is no cost associated with using JHM CareLink.

  • Access to the internet using a commercial browser such as Chrome (recommended) or Safari. The use of Internet Explorer is discouraged.

  • You can request JHM CareLink access for clinical staff, nonclinical staff and office administrators in your practice. Each staff member will need to enroll in Johns Hopkins CareLink, electronically sign the terms and conditions, and abide by rules of patient confidentiality. You and your clinical staff, including physician assistants, nurses, administrative personnel and office manager, will have access to your patients' medical records. At least one person at your site must be designated as the site administrator, who will have additional administrative responsibilities.


Enrollment Resources

After I have enrolled:

Self-service password reset (available 24 hours)

Can my site administrator reset my password?

Yes, your site administrator can reset your password.

I forgot my password and/or my challenge questions.

Please call the Help Desk, available 24/7 at 855-284-5465, and ask to open a CareLink ticket for password resets. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing your request. We highly encourage you to set up the challenge questions so you can reset your password automatically via self-service.


Accessing Patient Information


Technical Questions

  • Since you already have access to the full version of Epic when you are in the hospital, please use the In Basket provided on that version.

  • Contact your local technical support. The printing functionality is not controlled by CareLink. You need to check if your local computer has the correct drivers and setup for your network or local printer.

  • The physician needs to grant In Basket access to the nurse first. Once this is done, the nurse can attach to the desired In Basket.

  • Please ask the research coordinator to add the patient to the group.

  • Please refer to page 20 of the following guide.

  • Please refer to this tip sheet. If you cannot find the patient, please contact registration at 410-955-5000 to verify the full demographic information of the patient.

  • Please contact your site administrator, who is your first point of contact for any questions/problems. If the site administrator is not able to assist you, please call the Help Desk, available 24/7 at 855-284-5465, and ask for help with CareLink.

  • Please contact the JHM CareLink team at This is not for urgent issues, and the CareLink team will respond within 48 hours.

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