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AIDS Psychiatry Service

Director: Glenn J. Treisman, M.D., Ph.D.

AIDS Psychiatry Service
Meyer 119
The Johns Hopkins Hospital

600 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD 21287-5371

Phone 410-955-6328 / Fax 410-614-5913


The Johns Hopkins AIDS Psychiatry Service (APS) is a multidisciplinary team formed in 1989 to provide clinical care to HIV-infected patients, as well as to develop and implement education and research programs on the psychiatric aspects of HIV infections. The APS is directed at the treatment of psychiatric conditions that drive the HIV epidemic, interfere with the treatment of HIV, or diminish the quality of life of patients infected with HIV.


In addition to the director, the APS is staffed by three psychiatrists, one psychiatric resident, two psychologists, a substance abuse counselor, and two psychiatric nurses.



Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Nicholas Schweizer, M.A.

Psychiatric Nurses

  • Jack Bonner, R. N.
  • Oliver Radcliffe R.N., M.S.N.                 


Since its inception, the APS has evaluated and treated many hundreds of patients with HIV disease and psychiatric disorders. Services include outpatient evaluation and treatment, coupled with continuous care through inpatient consultation on medical, chronic care, and psychiatric wards. The complexity of treating HIV-infected patients with multiple medical problems who are also taking psychotropic medications requires close consultation between medical and psychiatric teams. This integration results in better outcomes, improved compliance, and decreased frequency of undesirable drug interactions. Surveillance continues to show high rates of improvement in our patients with psychiatric disorders as well as improvements in substance use outcomes.

Services are provided at the adult HIV outpatient clinic known as the Moore Clinic and in the inpatient medical and psychiatric wards at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. APS also has arrangements with the Eastern Baltimore City STD Clinic, the Druid Hill STD Clinic, the Park West Medical Center, and Baltimore City Mental Health Centers to provide specialty consultation and to accept treatment referrals. There are also outreach clinics in Baltimore, Harford, Ann Arundel, Howard, and Carroll counties.

Services are based on the following principles:

Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients seen in consultation and follow-up.  

Improved access to services for psychiatric patients seen in the Moore Clinic as well as outside consultations with Baltimore City and County agencies.

Integrated and continuous care, enhanced by operating in a primary care clinic,  and by providing services to the same patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

APS also provides lectures, seminars, and other educational programs to physicians, primary care providers, psychiatrists, medical students, residents, mental health caregivers, and others.


Patients are referred to the AIDS psychiatry service by their primary provider in the Moore Clinic in The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Patients from outside the Clinic who wish to be seen should have their primary medical provider contact Dr. Treisman at 410-955-6328.


Medical students, residents, and fellows rotate on the various services associated with the APS (Medicine and Psychiatry).

Click here for more information on resident training.
Click here for more information about postdoctoral fellowships.

Read an excerpt from
THE PSYCHIATRY OF AIDS: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
by Glenn J. Treisman, M.D., Ph.D. and Andrew F. Angelino, M.D.


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Johns Hopkins AIDS Service

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The Psychiatry of Aids
The Psychiatry of Aids
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