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Patient Benefits

ICT technology benefits patients by improving patient safety and making surgery more precise.

The significance of the iCT in the operating room is that it brings the CT scanner to the patient during surgery, while still in the sterile field of the operating room. It eliminates the need to transfer patients out of the sterile field to a separate location for CT imaging and possibly be brought back to the operating room for additional surgery. This lessens the risk of complications that can occur when a patient is moved.

Other Advantages of iCT

  • Increases accuracy during neuronavigation by allowing the surgeon to see changes within the brain as the surgery progresses.
  • Identification of invisible residual tumor tissue by intraoperative update of image and prevents unnecessary second operations.
  • Increases patient safety by identifification of hematoma during surgery.
  • Increases accuracy of placement of screws during spine surgery.
  • Increases safety during spine surgery by detecting misplaced screws and prevents need for unnecessary future surgery.

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