November 2012

Funding from Foundations/Private Sources

JHU's Corporate and Foundation Relations maintains a Web site listing upcoming grant competitions that are sponsored by foundations and other private sources: They are in addition to the limited-submission RFPs periodically announced by the Research Projects Administration office. The opportunities are listed in order of deadline and links to each funder's application information are provided. Contact Joan Wisner-Carlson ( with any questions.

Neurofibromatosis Therapeutic Acceleration Program at Johns Hopkins

A Request for Applications (RFA) has been issued by the Neurofibromatosis Therapeutic Acceleration Program that is intended to support the development of novel cell culture model systems for neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1)-associated plexiform neurofibromas. Successful proposals will focus on the development of innovative cellular model systems that address the challenges typically encountered in developing disease relevant cellular models including: early senescence of nonmalignant cells, limited genotypic, phenotypic and functional characterization (at the DNA, RNA, protein, and functional levels), disease relevance, stability and reproducibility, and failure to represent the complexity of human tumors in their multi-cell type composition, interactions with the microenvironment and the biological diversity. Human cell cultures and non-human cell cultures that model human tumors will be considered. The deadline for submission of proposals is 12:00p (noon) Eastern Standard Time on November 9, 2012. For more information, please visit and view the "Solicited Research Proposals" section.

Lung Cancer Impact Award

The National Lung Cancer Partnership and Uniting Against Lung Cancer announce a new funding opportunity, The Impact Award, intended to accelerate the movement of promising ideas in lung cancer research into clinical application. These organizations are both dedicated to funding research aimed at improved treatments and a cure for lung cancer; they are partnering to offer a single award of $200,000 to rapidly bring new advances to the clinic and positively impact patient care.

This award is intended to support clinical translational research that will promote significant improvements over current approaches in lung cancer prevention, detection or therapy. Applicants are expected to demonstrate an ability to produce significant progress for lung cancer patients in the near term. Applicants must present a strategic plan and timeline for clinical implementation within five years of the start of the two-year award period.

At the time of application, the Principal Investigator must hold position at or above the level of Assistant Professor at not-for-profit sponsoring institutions in the US. Full details are available here:

Pre-applications are due November 12, 2012, with full applications subsequently invited.

JHU SOM Fisher Center for Environmental Infectious Diseases Grants

The center has grants available for clinical and translational research of disease causing agents found in traditional ecological environments (air, soil, and water), in addition to vector-born or zoonotic diseases, as well as those found within built environments (home, hospital, and community). The grant application deadline is November 15, 2012.

Details and application are available on the ICTR website ( Go to Connection Request (left side of page). Scroll down and read about the Fisher Center Discovery Program Grant. Log in with your JHED ID in the yellow box. Under ICTR Services, select the Fisher Center Discovery Program, click Proceed. Questions? Call 410-614-0440 or email Yvonne Higgins (

Brain Research Foundation - Fay/Frank Seed Grant Program


The Brain Research Foundation has invited Johns Hopkins to nominate two faculty members to submit a Letter of Intent for the 2013 Fay/Frank Seed Grant Program. The program's main objective is to provide start-up funds for new research projects and innovative programs "that have the potential of becoming competitive" for an NIH funding initiative or other external funding sources. The Brain Research Foundation's goal is to have the initial effort produce opportunities for research projects, collaborations, and scientific advancements.

Eligibility: The selected nominees from Johns Hopkins must be tenured/tenure track Assistant or Associate Professors working in the area of studies of brain function. "This includes molecular and clinical neuroscience, as well as studies of neural, sensory, motor, cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning in health and disease. The grant proposal must detail a new research project that is not funded by other sources. The grant period is for one year in the amount of $50,000 (direct costs)." More Information is available at

The JHU Review Process: An internal peer review to select the nominees will be managed through the Office of the Assistant Provost for Research Administration. Applicants should submit the materials listed below in sequence in one pdf for internal review by 5 p.m. on November 26, 2012, to

  • JHU Internal Submission Cover Sheet (available at
  • Biographical Sketch including other support (using the current NIH format including a page listing other support - four pages maximum)
  • Project Summary (one page maximum, single-spaced, ½ inch margins, Times New Roman, 11 pt.)

Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt of their materials. If any applicant does not receive an acknowledgement, please contact Janet Palmer at (410) 516-3295 or by e-mail at Each selected nominee's Letter of Intent must be submitted to the Brain Research Foundation by 4 p.m. CST on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

Institute on Medicine as a Profession and the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Education and Training to Professionalism Grant Program


The Institute for Medicine as a Profession is dedicated to advancing the principles of medical professionalism as a field of study and a force in shaping policy. The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the public by fostering innovation in health professionals' education. To these ends, we are continuing a joint grant program that aims to enhance the place of professionalism in undergraduate and graduate medical education.

IMAP and Macy will support faculty-directed programs that address one or several of these critical components of professionalism. These include but are not restricted to such concepts as:

  • Putting Patient Interests First
  • Enhancing Social Justice
  • Promoting a Just Distribution of Finite Resources
  • Promoting Self-Regulation
  • Encouraging Physician Advocacy

Eligibility. Applicants must be faculty members at accredited medical schools, hospitals, or health care systems, and/or participating in approved residency programs. Applications from surgery and medical sub-specialties are especially encouraged.

Only ONE application per institution will be considered. A proposal from a consortium of institutions is welcome.

Program Funding. IMAP and Macy will give five awards annually to educational programs in professionalism. Grants will be provided for a two year period at $25,000 per year. The program will also fund airfare and lodging for two faculty members from each program to attend a national IMAP-Macy meeting on educating to professionalism. These travel funds are in addition to the $25,000 per year, and should not be included in the budget proposal.

The School of Medicine expects to nominate one candidate for this program. The deadline to submit materials for internal review is Friday, November 16, 2012. Interested applicants should submit the following materials in one PDF document to

  1. SOM Limited Submission Cover Sheet (contact for a copy)
  2. Program Proposal and Budget (contact for detail)
  3. Program Timeline
  4. Three letters of support, including one from the Dean of the Faculty and one from the director of the relevant residency program. The letters should also articulate and endorse the proposed strategy for sustaining the curriculum after grant funding ends. (not needed for internal submission)
  5. One CV for each member of the teaching faculty for the project. Each CV should be no more than 2 pages. NIH format is acceptable
  6. Your institution's IRS tax determination letter. (not needed for internal submission)

Each applicant should expect to receive a confirmation of receipt of their materials within 48 hours. If you do not receive any acknowledgement, please contact Karen Falter at (410) 502-2132. Complete applications must be received by the Josiah Macy Foundation by email at no later than 5 p.m. EST December 10, 2012.

UNCF/Merck Science Initiative Research Scholarships and Fellowships

The UNCF/Merck Science Initiative is dedicated to supporting the training of world-class African American biological and chemical scientists and engineers toward achieving the complementary goals of national economic competitiveness and social diversity. The following programs each have an application deadline of December 3, 2012. More information on each program is available at

  • UNCF /Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships will help African American graduate students complete coursework, conduct research, and prepare the dissertation required for a doctoral degree in the biomedically relevant life or physical sciences and engineering.
  • UNCF /Merck Postdoctoral Science Research Fellowships are intended to provide support to African American post-graduate students to obtain postdoctoral training and to prepare for a career in biomedical research.

Kimmel Scholar and Translational Science Awards

Deadline: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at Noon EST

The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research is soliciting applications for the Kimmel Scholar Award and the Kimmel Translational Science Award. A brief description of each award follows. Further details can be found at the Foundation's website: and click on "Foundation for Cancer Research."

Kimmel Scholar Award
The Foundation expects to select up to ten grant recipients (young investigators dedicated to a career in cancer research) who will receive $100,000 per year for two years. Qualified applicants must hold an M.D., Ph.D. or equivalent graduate degree and must perform research in an American not-for-profit institution during the period of Kimmel Foundation support. Applications are limited to those who achieved the equivalent rank of Assistant Professor on or after July, 2009. However, physicians who have both clinical and research responsibility are eligible if appointed on or after July, 2008. These awards are designed for researchers who do not yet have their own R01 funding.

Awardees must not receive funding simultaneously from similar scholar awards, but may have funding from training grants (ASCO, AACR, etc.) or career development awards. Applicants with a prior scholar award may apply if that funding will cease before the Kimmel Scholar Award begins on July 1, 2013.

Occasionally, those holding a scholar award from a non-cancer related Foundation will be eligible, as long as the work supported does not primarily overlap with the cancer research described. Questions regarding eligibility based on level of current funding should be addressed to Dr. Cohen at

The Kimmel Translational Science Award
The Foundation provides up to five additional awards specifically for physicians engaged in translational science. Eligibility includes those with M.D. or equivalent degrees, who have achieved the rank of Assistant Professor on or after July, 2008. Candidates must not hold R01 funding for the laboratory component of their cancer research. Applicants must demonstrate a significant personal involvement in the laboratory component of the translational project described. The translational research may involve primarily animal studies but must include reasonable application to subsequent human investigation.

Note: Before asking questions of the Foundation regarding the applications/process, please check out their "FAQS" section

While an internal selection is not required for these awards, the Cancer Center would like to know who plans to apply. Please send an email to if you plan to apply for one of these awards.

Funding For Prostate Cancer Research

DEADLINE: Monday, January 7, 2013

Funding is available to support multidisciplinary research in prostate cancer through the Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund as well as the NCI funded Prostate Cancer SPORE grant. Awards of a maximum of $75,000 per year for up to two years are renewable based upon progress of project. New Ideas Encouraged!

All interested parties should direct any questions to Dawn Steinberg, the Department of Urology, at or 410-955-5101. Deadline is Monday, January 7, 2013.

For more information, visit the website:


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