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June 2018


Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Fundamentals: Understanding and Applying GCP to Human Subject Research
Register online for the 90-minute training sessions held on the fourth Friday of each month.

Fee Schedule Adjustment for Hospital Services Charged to Clinical Trial Budgets
Go online to see new, approved rate reduction percentages effective for statements generated after March 1, 2018.

Change in Federalwide Assurance [FWA] Numbers
Effective November 1, changes include closing existing numbers and streamlining others. Details online.

Changes to NIH-funded Human Subjects Research
Important changes to those conducting NIH-funded research involving human subjects detailed online.

Free Resources for Longitudinal Clinical Research Studies
NIH grant aims to provide resources for longitudinal clinical research studies.

NIH Requirement for Single IRB (sIRB)
Effective September 25, NIH requires all grant applications for specific human subject research studies to include proposal for use of a single IRB ("sIRB") to review research.

JHM IRB Reliance Requests
Go online for process to submit reliance requests to JHM IRB.

Sharing Partnership for Innovative Research in Translation
SPIRIT, a partnership among seven universities including JHU, seeks to fund scientists researching varying health concerns, from creating tumor-destroying viruses to decreasing large numbers of mentally ill in the criminal justice system.

Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Check out the many services and clinical resources for faculty and student investigators on the ICTR website.

Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network
All-in-one resource linking investigators to regional community-hospital based collaborators. Go online for details


Visit Animal Care and Use Committee Website
Go online for the most recent versions of important forms, policies, and guidelines.

Current Classes
A Small Animal Surgery class will be held on June 14. Class is free. Registration is required.

"Interinstitutional Assurance" Agreement
Form processing assistance available through the JHU Animal Care and Use Comittee office.


Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) presents: Safety in Research Updates
Go online to see sponsored training opportuniies, safety tips and highlights and updated DURC policies.


Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) Challenge
Foundation sponsors $2 million prize to the first team to develop a viable selective alpha-synucle in PET tracer and agree to make that tracer available broadly. No application deadline.


Helpful Guides on ORA Website
New guides on workspace and NIH forms now available.

Why Project Outcomes Matter in your Interim and Final Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)
Project outcomes submitted on or after October 1, 2017 are available to the general public via NIH's Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool.

NIH Matchmaker, A Tool For Finding Similar NIH Projects
An extension of the NIH RePORTER, the new tool makes it easy to find similar projects already funded by the NIH.

NIH Video Tutorials on How to Apply for Grants
Four-part series covers the basics of preparing, writing, and submitting an application.

NIH Policy: Foreign Components Added to a Grant to a Domestic or Foreign Organization
NIH defines foreign components added to a grant and significant grant related activities needing prior NIH approval.


Upcoming Deadlines for June and July


June Events at the Genetic Resources Core Facility
Dates and details for Genetic Resources Core Symposium and others online.


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