Thanks to advances made by surgeons like Dr. Patrick Walsh, The Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins offers unparalleled prostatectomy expertise. Learn more about prostate cancer surgery and the difference between open and robotic procedures from Dr. Mohamad Allaf.

Robotic Surgery Director, Dr. Mohamad Allaf, discusses Johns Hopkins' prostatectomy program, including the Brady Urological Institute's robust robotic experience, prostatectomy pioneer Dr. Walsh, and unique post-operative care provided at Hopkins. For more information please visit: Questions Answered: 1. What is prostate cancer and how does it develop? 0:03 2. How is prostate cancer diagnosed? 0:34 3. What is the difference between a robotic prostatectomy and an open prostatectomy? 2:18 4. Why should patient come to Johns Hopkins for treatment of prostate cancer? 2:53 5. Who is included in the care team? 4:05 6. What is recovery like after prostatectomy? 5:07 7. Are there any specific recommendations for patients with prostate cancer? 5:51