The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Visitor Welcoming System

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We know that expert, compassionate patient care provided in a safe, welcoming environment is of the highest importance to our patients and visitors at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. As part of a comprehensive effort to enhance security, we are phasing in several new features, starting in March 2023. We have increased the number of security and guest services staff to welcome and assist you with the registration process.

New Guidelines

  • Patients, visitors and care partners will be required to register and present a valid photo ID when entering our hospital buildings.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for this new process.
  • You will receive a printed badge that should be worn at all times while in the hospital.

Implementation Schedule

  1. On March 11, the new system will start in Johns Hopkins Children’s Center entrances.
  2. On March 25, the system will launch in Weinberg, Zayed and Nelson (Wolfe Street) and the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Clinic (JHOC) tunnel.
  3. Check back soon for the next update.

We will consider expanding and adapting the system in the future. Thank you for your assistance in our commitment to ensure a warm and welcoming environment for all who enter The Johns Hopkins Hospital.


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