The Johns Hopkins Hospital Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

COVID-19 Update

The Bunting Interfaith Chapel remains open 24 hours a day for people of all faiths to utilize for prayer and quiet reflection.

photo of Christus Consolator shot from below'Christus Consolator,' or 'The Divine Healer' located in the lobby of the Billings Administration Building.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital offers comprehensive, inter-faith spiritual support to patients, their friends and families, and employees of the hospital and the surrounding outpatient areas. Each of our staff chaplains are Board Certified through the Association for Professional Chaplains. Each of our per-diem chaplains have completed a minimum of four units of Clinical Pastoral Education.

In addition to our team of professional chaplains, we have CPE Educators and faith-specific ministries that offer ministry to our hospital. Specifically, the department has a Jewish chaplain, an Episcopal chaplain, and a Catholic-Priest chaplain. If our team cannot meet a particular spiritual request, the department will reach out to the Baltimore community to determine if religious resources are available.

A chaplain is on the JHH campus 24/7 and available to respond to both urgent and non-urgent requests. Many utilize a chaplain for:

  • Prayer
  • Careful and sensitive listening
  • Encouragement and comfort
  • Discussion of concerns around difficult healthcare decisions or new diagnosis
  • Emotional support in times of grief, loss, and stress
  • Exploration of hope and meaning
  • Religious rituals that may include baptism, communion, confession, blessing, reading of scripture, and anointing
  • End of life discussions and support
  • Provision of sacred literature and devotional items
  • Assistance with religious/dietary observances

To leave a message for one of our team members, call 410-955-5842, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call 410-955-4331 for any urgent needs for spiritual care. Or, for any patient or family member, you can ask your nurse to contact a chaplain for you.