Patient Resources

Learn more information about hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery by viewing patient stories or watching educational videos.

Patient Stories

Pancreatic Cancer Prevention | Lana's Story

Lana Brandt had a strong family history of pancreatic cancer. After experiencing several bouts of pancreatitis, she learned that she carried a genetic mutation that increased her risk of pancreatic cancer. As a means of pancreatic cancer prevention, experts at Johns Hopkins removed her pancreas and spleen using a minimally invasive technique. They then performed an autoislet cell transplant to help her body continue to produce insulin after surgery.

Pancreatic Cancer | Patty's Story

In 2015, Montana resident Patty Mild was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and sought a second opinion at Johns Hopkins. The pancreatic cancer clinical team formulated an aggressive treatment plan that gave her new hope of a life free from pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer | Joseph "Cook" Edens Story

Joseph “Cook” Edens III doesn’t let pancreatic cancer get in the way of living a full life. Edens was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent a Whipple procedure at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Unfortunately, a bout of pancreatitis returned, and in 2015, the hepato-pancreato-billiary surgery team performed a total pancreatectomy on Edens, removing his entire pancreas and spleen. The Arlington, Virginia, resident is now cancer-free and back to a busy lifestyle of work, sports and family time.

Educational Videos

Minimally Invasive Surgery Options for Liver Cancer | Q&A with Dr. Jin He

Johns Hopkins surgical oncologist Jin He discusses when surgery is an appropriate treatment for liver cancer, the minimally invasive surgical options offered, who is an ideal candidate for minimally invasive liver surgery and the importance of being treated at a comprehensive cancer program.

The Whipple Procedure

The type of operation performed for removal of pancreatic cancer is based on the location of the tumor. For tumors of the head and neck of the pancreas a Whipple procedure, (also called a pancreaticoduodenectomy) is performed. This is a complex operation perfected at Johns Hopkins. This video will explain the surgery and what patients can expect.

Pancreatic Auto Islet Transplantation with Total Pancreatectomy

Animation explaining the pancreatic auto islet transplantation process with complete removal of the pancreas to treat pancreatitis.

Treating Benign and Malignant Liver Tumors | FAQs with Dr. Richard Burkhart

Johns Hopkins hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon Dr. Richard Burkhart answers frequently asked questions about treating benign and malignant liver tumors.

Liver Tumor Treatment Techniques | FAQs with Dr. Richard Burkhart

Johns Hopkins hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon Dr. Richard Burkhart answers frequently asked questions about liver tumor treatment techniques, including minimally invasive surgical options.