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Postgraduate Year Three (PGY-3)

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence B. Brown

Hometown: Stockton, California
Medical School: Meharry Medical College 
Surgical Interest: Colorectal surgery
Researching: Health services, outcomes, and disparities research

Katherine McDermott

Katherine M. McDermott

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Surgical Interest: GI Surgery and Colorectal Surgery
Researching: Illicit substance use in surgical patients

Matthew Price

Matthew D. Price

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine
Surgical Interest: GI Surgery
Research Interests: 
Health outcomes/Health Policy

Brian Boyarksy

Brian J. Boyarsky

Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey
Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Surgical Interest: Transplant
Researching: Increasing organ donation, impact of COVID-19 on transplantation

Leonardo Garcia

Leonardo E. Garcia

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Medical School: Universidad Central de Venezuela
Surgical Interest: Colorectal surgery
Researching: Colorectal cancer screening, early-onset colorectal cancer

Andres Gonzalez Salazar

Andres J. Gonzalez Salazar

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Medical School: Universidad Central de Venezuela. Escuela de Medicina Luis Razetti
Surgical Interest: Pediatric surgery
Researching: Pathophysiology of necrotizing enterocolitis and neonatal gastrointestinal physiology

Daniel Harris

Daniel T. Harris

Hometown: Orland Park, Illinois
Medical School: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Surgical Interest: Transplant
Researching: T cell receptor binding to peptide/MHC

Ranim Alsaad

Ranim A. Alsaad

Hometown: Amman, Jordan
Medical School: University of Jordan
Surgical Interest: Surgical Oncology
Researching: Undecided

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