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Elective Opportunities

General surgery and surgical subspecialties offer subinternships and elective courses.

A Subinternship in Surgery provides advanced, supervised participation in clinical care for students that have an interest in applying for a surgical residency. The activities of the student will be supervised by the surgical faculty, fellows and house staff. This course is designed to provide an extensive, in-depth experience in the management of the surgical patent. The student will be an integral part of the surgical team and will be assigned specific patients. Registration must be eight weeks prior to this rotation to ensure the appropriate credentialing process is completed, required by the Medical Board, Department of Surgery and the hospital. The completion of the Core Surgery Clerkship is a prerequisite.

A Clinical Elective is designed to expose the student to patients with surgical problems. The student is given very limited clinical responsibilities and is not involved in any direct patient care. Approval of the appropriate department liaison is needed to qualify for this elective.

To view the course elective book for currently offered surgical rotations, please visit the SOM site

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