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The Sibley Legacy Society

Legacy planner cover

Your Legacy is Part of our Story 

Established in 2013, the Sibley Legacy Society celebrates the legacy of William J. Sibley, an early supporter of the work of the Lucy Webb Hayes National Training School.  He donated the money needed to build Sibley Memorial Hospital in memory of his wife, Dorothea Lowndes Sibley. The hospital was dedicated in 1894.   The Legacy Society honors those individuals who secure the financial future of Sibley by making a life-income gift or gift through their estate. Because a legacy gift represents a lifetime commitment, the Sibley Legacy Society comprises donors of any age and gift amount.

What if I already have a bequest to Sibley?

Please contact the Sibley Foundation so that we can welcome you as a Sibley Legacy Society member and discuss your plans with you. It is our goal to work with you so we can ensure that we honor your wishes and apply your gift as you intend. Most importantly, notifying us of your bequest commitment allows us to thank you during your lifetime for your generosity.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members will receive acknowledgement of their generosity, exclusive opportunities to engage more fully with the entire Sibley community, a memento, and, if they wish, public recognition of their gift. 

What will your legacy be?

The Sibley Legacy Society celebrates those who make a bequest commitment or life-income gift to any area of Sibley. Members receive acknowledgement of their generosity, exclusive opportunities to engage more fully with the entire Sibley community, and a memento. If you have already made a bequest to Johns Hopkins, please let us know. We want to make sure your wishes are met and welcome you to the Legacy Society.

How to I request a Sibley legacy planner?

We encourage you to call on us to assist you, your family and advisors in exploring financial, estate and charitable planning. View a PDF of the Sibley Legacy Planner or contact us and we will promptly send the Sibley Legacy Planner to you.

Who do I contact to discuss my legacy gift?

To learn more about the Sibley Legacy Society, which legacy gift is right for you and how to complete your plans, please contact Kristen Pruski, Interim Vice President, Sibley Memorial Hospital Foundation at or 202-660-6814.

Together we will create a plan that allows you to achieve your philanthropic, financial and estate planning goals, while supporting the mission of Sibley Memorial Hospital. Gift planning services are confidential and collaborative, and they are provided without obligation. Thank you for your consideration and support!

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