Johns Hopkins Health System Supply Chain

Our Mission

The JHHS Supply Chain is a system of operational departments aligned to bring together supplies, services and capital equipment in support of patient care, while providing the best possible value. Our mission is to deliver the highest value in supplies, services, and equipment in a timely manner. We support the clinical, research, and education mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine, its affiliates and external partners through transforming supply chain activities to create efficiencies, lead best practice, and set benchmarks.


1/5/21 - New Changes to Supply Chain Policy


  • Terms and Conditions

    As a vendor working with JHHS, it’s important that you understand the terms and conditions associated with our relationship. These include purchasing and sale terms.

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  • Policies and Procedures

    Supply Chain occupies a special position of trust and responsibility. To avoid the potential problems of unethical behavior strict adherence to a sound code of ethics is required.

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  • Vendor Information

    Get information about working with vendors, including forms and contract management.

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  • Forms

    Download various Supply Chain forms.

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  • Inventory Management

    Covers IM for specific groups, as well as procurement card information and more.

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  • ServiceNow Support Portal

    View training guides and request help with various SAP functions.

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HP Managed Print Services Program (MPS)

Optimizing print, fax, copy, and scan infrastructure.


Build, Hire, Buy. As the largest private anchor institution for Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins — including The Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System — embraces our role as an economic engine to create lasting opportunities in our city.


Purchasing Code of Ethics

Supply Chain Procurement and Materials Managers occupy a special position of trust and responsibility. In order to avoid the potential problems of unethical behavior strict adherence to a sound code of ethics is required and practiced.

About Corporate Procurement

Corporate Procurement is empowered by the Board of Directors of the Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) via the President of the Health System. This authority to act as an agent of the Health System in procurement matters is under the direction of the Vice President of Supply Chain and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Health System.

Corporate Procurement, as an agent for the Johns Hopkins Health System, is solely responsible for all bidding, contracting, negotiation and procurement of all supplies, equipment and services required for providing excellent patient care and maintaining the operations in a timely and cost effective manner.

Further clarification defined: supplies (defined as, consumables, asset inventory, direct purchases, department supplies), capital and minor equipment, leases and rentals, service contracts, parts and accessories, and services.

Corporate Procurement is solely authorized to commit Health System funds for any purchase.

Commitment for funds is accomplished by issuing a purchase order guided by the Johns Hopkins Health System Financial Policies. Unauthorized requests and receipt of goods are not considered binding, nor will respective invoices be paid, without a corresponding purchase order and receiving report. JHHS employees will be personally liable for the unauthorized ordering, receipt and use of items.

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