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Frequently Asked Questions

What CPE Programs does Johns Hopkins offer?

Johns Hopkins CPE Program offers all three levels of CPE.  This includes an initial unit, which is considered Level I training. Level I training is offered during Summer Intensives and the part-time intern program.  Every new student begins with Level I training, even if they have completed other academic or related clinical education.

Level II training is offered through the part-time intern program as well as in the residency program.  Most students entering the residency program are working on Level II training outcomes.

Supervisory CPE is the third level of training offered. In this program, students learn the art of pastoral supervision. 

How do I know which of the available programs is best for me? 

Most applicants choose the program that fits best with their schedule. If you work full time and would like to incorporate CPE training, then the part-time option would be best. If you are a seminarian and have the summer free, then the Summer Intensive makes sense. Consider your schedule and time constraints as you decide which program fits best. Keep in mind that CPE training is intensive, and most students have freed their schedules dramatically in order to benefit best from the program.

How do I apply?

You may review the information on this website and download the application for the CPE program.  If you have problems downloading this file, please call the CPE Registrar at 410-550-7569 and request the application as an attachment to an email.

When should I apply?

You may check the dates for each of our programs and application deadlines on the Educational Calendar.  Decisions are typically made months in advance of the start of a CPE unit.

How long does it take to find out if I am accepted?

Generally students can expect to wait several weeks for an answer.

Tell me more about the part-time intern CPE program.

The part-time programs at Johns Hopkins and Johns Hopkins Bayview are designed to provide CPE training to those who choose to receive clinical training on a part-time basis. Because groups meet once a week and students have specified, flexible clinical hours, many students continue their present employment while participating in the program. Part-time CPE students participate in the on-call rotation, and one unit of accredited CPE training is granted after approximately six months.

What is the usual schedule for a student in the part-time intern CPE program?

All CPE programs follow the standards set forth by ACPE, Inc. which include the provision of 300 hours of spiritual care in the hospital and 100 hours of education per unit.

A typical week will include five hours of group/educational meetings on a particular day of the work week.  Also, the provision of eight hours of spiritual care in the hospital (7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) is expected during a work week.  Every other week in Johns Hopkins, you will also be on-call in the hospital for clinical emergency needs for approximately twelve hours.

What are the stipends for full-time residents?

General residents receive a $35,131.20 per year stipend.  

Is a stipend available for part-time students?

 A stipend is not available for students in the part-time intern program or the summer intensive program.

What degrees are required for entry to the CPE Program?

Most applicants to our CPE Programs possess a Masters Degree in Theology, Divinity or its equivalent.  We have, on special occasion, accepted students who are in the process of attaining their advanced degrees.

What does CPE cost, and are scholarships available?

There are no scholarship programs available to date.

Tuition is as follows:
  • Intern programs $825/CPE unit
  • Community Partners program $450/CPE unit
  • Residency programs $300/CPE unit ($900 per residency year); $250/CPE unit ($750 per specialized, 2nd residency year)
  • Distance Learning programs $3,000/CPE unit
  • For student who provides clinical chaplaincy care at a site other than Johns Hopkins $3,000/CPE unit

I am an international student. How do I enroll in CPE?

International students should send their completed application to us. Once accepted, the student must contact the ACPE national office ( to apply for a visa. The visa process can take from six to nine months to complete, and must be obtained before you can begin CPE at Johns Hopkins.

Do I have to be ordained to do CPE?

No.  However, most of the applicants accepted into the residency and second-year programs are ordained, endorsed, in good standing within their respective faith traditions.

May I receive academic credit for CPE?

Many theological schools and seminaries grant academic credit for CPE. You will contact them directly for this information.

May I get CPE credit for previous work/ministry experience?

No. However, your previous work/ministry experience will be considered during your application process.

I want to be a chaplain or a pastoral counselor. Do I need CPE?

The Association of Professional Chaplains (, the National Association of Catholic Chaplains ( and the National Association of Jewish Chaplains ( and other organizations certify chaplains. The American Association of Pastoral Counselors ( trains and certifies pastoral counselors. Some CPE is required as a prerequisite. You should contact these organizations directly about their requirements.

I am currently in a residency program at another hospital and would like to apply to the specialized residency program at Johns Hopkins, but there is conflict in the training dates. What do I do?

First, you will need to apply to the specialized CPE program. If accepted, you will need to negotiate your contract with your current CPE Program. We have found that most CPE programs are flexible and will seek to accommodate students seeking to pursue a specialized year of training.

May I do CPE online or through some other distance learning process?

The Johns Hopkins CPE program is grateful for a grant from the Foundation of Spirituality and Medicine which makes it possible for us to currently develop an online distance learning program. Please call the CPE registrar at 410-550-7569 for the latest information.

I live in Baltimore and am a local ordained minister (imam, rabbi, priest, monk, etc.).  May I volunteer to visit patients at The Johns Hopkins Hospital or Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center without taking CPE?

Clinical Pastoral Education is a prerequisite to volunteering in any capacity through the Department of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy. However, you are welcome to provide care for your parishioners and members of your religious community. We hope you will come by and introduce yourself to our department.