Medical Student Research Opportunities

A student looks in a microscope.

According to analyses of student publications, 86% of Johns Hopkins medical students graduating in the years 2011-2020 publish at least one manuscript based on research done in medical school [mean (SD) of 3.1 (3.8) publications per student]. The majority (56%) of students published at least one manuscript as first author [mean (SD) of 1.2 (1.7) first-author publications].

Finding Research Mentors

The Office of Medical Student Research and Scholarship maintains a Mentor Resource Kit, which is a set of interactive databases that help students identify possible mentors and project opportunities. You must be connected to the Johns Hopkins network in order to access the site.

Scholarly Concentrations

All students pursuing an MD degree at Johns Hopkins complete a scholarly research project as part of the Scholarly Concentrations course.

Research Electives

In addition, there is a great deal of flexibility in the third- and fourth-year curriculum that allows students the opportunity to pursue research electives. A significant portion of students (86%) do additional research electives beyond the Scholarly Concentrations course.

Longitudinal Research Opportunities

Many students also decide to participate in a more in-depth and longitudinal research opportunities, taking between 9‐12 months as an Advanced Studies Placement Status (ASPS) to pursue their interests with faculty members. Please refer to Research Funding for longitudinal funding opportunities.

Medical Scientist Training Program

The Medical Scientist Training Program offers a joint MD-PhD degree option.