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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Programs

New Fellows Meet & Greet

Early and proactive career planning is essential to professional success. New postdoctoral fellows in the School of Medicine are encouraged to attend this event to learn about the numerous training opportunities available at the Johns Hopkins University. The next event will be scheduled for January or February of 2018.

Partnering Toward Discovery Postdoctoral Lecture Series

Sponsored by Dr. Antony Rosen, Vice Dean of Research, Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, Vice Dean of Education, and Dr. Ben Ho Park, Associate Dean of Postdoctoral Affairs, the Partnering Toward Discovery Lecture Series showcases the collaboration between clinical and basic science research. Click here to learn more and see the scheduled events.

Mini-Internship Opportunities

This office has created a program that provides interested fellows with "mini-internships" in offices located within Johns Hopkins University. These internships are designed with the busy postdoctoral fellow in mind. They require a relatively small time commitment, wherein the fellow completes a small task-based project. This allows the fellow to network in a career field of interest and have a completed work product--giving the fellow invaluable perspective and experience in a career field of choice. Click here to view current openings.

Postdoctoral Affairs Lecture

The Postdoctoral Affairs Lectures are annual or semi-annual talks given by leaders in the field of biomedical training and education who speak on matters relevant to the training and advancement of young scientists and their research. Recent talks have been given by Dr. Mike Lauer, Deputy Director of Extramural Research at the NIH, and by Dr. Keith Yamamoto, Chancellor of Science Policy and Strategy at UCSF. You can read a recap of Dr. Yamamoto's talk that was written by one of our own fellows, Dr. Amrita Datta Chaudhuri, for the blog, Biomedical Odyssey, by clicking here.