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Postdoc Kudos Archive

Each month we will feature recent SOM postdoc accomplishments, such as high impact papers, awards, and grants.  Do you know a postdoc that should be featured? Email us to include them in next month's kudos at

December 2021

  • Dr. Tiago J. Costa, Biological Chemistry

    Published the paper "Mitochondrial DNA and TLR9 activation contribute to SARS-CoV-2-induced endothelial cell damage" in Vascular Pharmacology in November 2021

    Dr. Tiago J. Costa
  • Dr. Paola Ghanem, Oncology

    Dr. Ghanem published the chapter "Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer and Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma" in Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice, Second Edition” in October 2021

    Dr. Paola Ghanem
  • Dr. Anabel Gonzalez-Gil, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

    Dr. Gonzalez-Gil published the paper "Induction of the endogenous sialoglycan ligand for eosinophil death receptor Siglec-8 in chronic rhinosinusitis with hyperplastic nasal polyposis" in Glycobiology in August 2021

    Dr. Anabel Gonzalez-Gil

November 2021


October 2021


September 2021

  • Dr. MyungHyun Jo, Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry

    Dr. Jo published the paper "Molecular Nanomechanical Mapping of Histamine-Induced Smooth Muscle Cell Contraction and Shortening" in ACS Nano, July 2021

    Dr. MyungHyun Jo
  • Dr. Fabiana Pani, Medicine

    Dr. Pani published the paper "B cells modulate the expression of MHC-II on cardiac CCR2? macrophages" in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, Aug 2021

    Dr. Fabiana Pani
  • Dr. Maame Sampah, Surgery

    Dr. Sampah published the paper "Prenatal Immunity and Influences on Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Associated Neonatal Disorders" in Frontiers in Immunology

    Dr. Maame Sampah

August 2021


July 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the Inaugural School of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Accelerator Award (listed alphabetically)

  • Dr. Abhijit Deb Roy, Department of Cell Biology

    Dr. Abhijit Deb Roy
  • Dr. Elena Jansen, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Dr. Elena Jansen
  • Dr. Ronan Mooney, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Dr. Ronan Mooney
  • Dr. Joshua Raji, Department of Neuroscience

    Dr. Joshua Raji
  • Dr. Rui-Han Wei, Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Dr. Rui-Han Wei
  • Dr. Junior West, Department of Cell Biology

    Dr. Junior West
  • Dr. Nathan Zaidman, Department of Physiology

    Dr. Nathan Zaidman
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