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Armstrong Medical Education Building

 The Armstrong Medical Education Building was built with generous support of donors committed to improving the educational experience of our medical students.  It houses most medical student curriculum activities and serves as study space and a site for student activities after hours.  It is not available for other meetings while the curriculum is in session, generally from mid-August to mid-June.  Individuals planning a meeting outside of this time frame are welcome to submit requests via the reservation request below.

Submit a Room Request

Email if you have any questions.


Spaces Available

Note: Email to schedule the second floor atrium.
  • Reservations: Email

    Capacity: 160

    Configurations: Furniture can be removed upon request.

    A/V Equipment: Any equipment used in the lobby must be rented from an outside source. 

    Furniture: Three long tables may be set up upon request.  All other furniture must be rented from an outside source.

    Note: The video presentation on the media wall cannot be changed.

    Prefunction area

  • Reservations: Email

    Description: There are two lecture halls in Armstrong, which can be combined into one large auditorium upon request.

    Capacity: 170 each, 340 combined

    Room Numbers: 150 West, 150 East

    Configurations: tiered floor with fixed tables and moveable chairs

    A/V Equipment:

    • Video capture (upon request)
    • Audience Response System (upon request)
    • SMART Board
    • Fixed LCD projector
    • Power outlets for computers at each station
    • Microphones every three seats

    Lecture Hall

  • Reservations:

    Description:There are three different sized group rooms in Armstrong - small, medium, and large.  The purpose of these rooms is small group discussion.


    • 381-385 and 481-485: up to 15 people
    • 220, 226, 320, 326, 420, 426: up to 25 people
    • 270, 370: up to 40 people


    • Classroom
    • Panel
    • Hollow square
    • Solid square
    • U-shape

    A/V Equipment:

    • LCD projector in medium rooms and large rooms
    • SMART Board in medium rooms and large rooms
    • Laptops upon request
    • Flat screen monitors in small rooms

    View of a small group room

  • Reservations: Email

    Description: The teaching labs are set up in pods of six students, with two students to a computer.  These are ideal rooms for virtual microscopy.

    Capacity: 36 students each

    Room Numbers: 341, 342, 343,344, 345

    Configurations: Pods of 6 students

    A/V Equipment:

    • LCD projector
    • Sympodium
    • Synchronise
    • SMART Board

    Teaching lab

  • Reservations: Email

    Description: The case study room provides a more intimate location for activities in which the lecture halls are too large. 

    Capacity: 80 students

    Configurations: tiered floor with fixed tables and moveable chairs

    A/V Equipment:

    • LCD projector (set)
    • Sympodium
    • Laptop upon request

    Case study room

  • Reservations: Email

    Description:The flat-floor learning studio was designed for team learning activities, including team-based learning and problem-based learning. 

    Capacity: 80 students

    Room Number: 260

    Configurations: pods of 8

    A/V Equipment:

    • LCD projector
    • Audience Response System (upon request)
    • SMART Board

    Learning studio

  • Reservations: Email or call Susan Shultz at 410-502-3737.

    Description: The four college suites are meant to be used as social space for medical students.  Each college does contain a small conference room and two small offices. 

    College suite

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