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Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Care

  • Make sure you bring the following items with you to the Emergency Department:

    • Photo ID
    • List of medications with dosages and frequency (or the bottles)
    • Social security number
    • Insurance information*
    • Name and address of emergency contact
    • Name of your regular doctor (primary care physician)
    *You will receive the same treatment whether or not you have health insurance.
  • Absolutely. You can have two visitors at a time, but they must stay at your bedside for the privacy of the other patients. There may be times when we may ask your visitors to remain in the waiting room or step out of the department. For their safety, we do not allow visitors under the age of 14.

  • There are a lot of people involved in your care in the Emergency Department. For your safety, we frequently ask you your name and any allergies that you have. This should be performed every time you receive any medication and before every test. Other questions may also be repeated either to verify information or make sure we have the information correct. This will help us care for you in the best way possible.

  • That will depend on how many patients are in the department when you arrive. Also, if someone arrives after you with a serious condition they may need to be evaluated before you. We have a lot of processes in place to get you evaluated as soon as possible. The majority of our patients are seen within 30 minutes of triage.

  • That will depend on how sick you are and how many tests are ordered. Patients with minor complaints can be seen and discharged quickly, whereas someone with a more complicated illness may take four or five hours.

  • Yes. There is a phone in every treatment room.

  • We like to involve your regular physician for any condition that is not minor. You may also request that we call your physician during your stay.

  • There is controlled access into the Emergency Department for the safety and privacy of our patients and staff.

  • Medical records are maintained by the Health Information Management department (HIM). Instructions on how to obtain a copy of your records are available here.

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