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1. Introduction


A. Office of Research Administration
B. Organization Chart



The purpose of this handbook is threefold:

  1. To assist investigators, staff and students in identifying potential sponsors, locating and understanding the applicable policies and procedures, and understanding their responsibilities in the preparation of proposals and conduct of sponsored projects;
  2. To describe and refer to the University/School of Medicine policies related to submission of research proposals and responsible conduct of awarded projects;
  3. To acquaint users of the handbook with the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and other offices responsible for support and oversight of sponsored projects.

The handbook has been developed for your convenience. We welcome your comments and suggestions concerning how to further improve it.

The handbook was prepared by the Office of Research Administration, which serves as a liaison among investigators, JHU School of Medicine administration, and funding agencies. ORA staff are delegated the responsibility to serve as the institutional official for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and are responsible for the pre-award phase of funding proposals and for post-award requests which involve sponsor contact. For example, the ORA:

  • counsels investigators and administrative staff regarding sponsored funding opportunities, proposal preparation and interpretation of guidelines, policies and regulations.
  • negotiates/mediates with funding agencies and subcontractors to reach agreements satisfactory to sponsor, faculty, and the University.
  • reviews, approves, and corrects proposals to comply with JHU and sponsor policies, and to verify resource commitments, budget accuracy, and faculty appointments.
  • reviews final award documents and revisions to existing awards to assure that the agreements conform to the negotiated proposals.

  • administers institutional programs for pilot and career development awards.
  • maintains pre-award proposal files, provides management information regarding pending and awarded grants and contracts, as well as federal budget and administrative rule changes.

Specific functions of the Office of Research Administration (ORA) are elaborated throughout the handbook. Appendix A provides a list of people (including functions, telephone numbers and locations) whom you may need to contact for assistance.

For further information on institutional policies and guidelines, faculty and students should consult the following documents:


This organization chart shows the structure of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine offices responsible for research related issues.

Deans Org Chart