Biological Safety

About Us

The Biosafety Office assists the Hopkins community in maintaining a safe work environment that is compliant with federal, state and community regulations. Our goal is to serve as a technical knowledgebase and training resource for biological safety issues on campus.

Our Services

The following services are provided to the Hopkins community through the Biosafety Office:

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The Biological Safety Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Johns Hopkins Medicine
2024 E. Monument Street
Suite B-200
Baltimore, MD 21287
Office 410.955.5918
Fax 410.955.5929

Our Staff

Management Team

Stephen C. Dahl, Ph.D., RBP - Director, Biological Safety and Biosafety Officer
Weiying Pan, Ph.D., RBP - Associate Biosafety Officer
Nadia Desir, Ph.D., RBP - Associate Biosafety Officer
Tylicia R. McRae - Institutional Biosafety Committee - Administrative Supervisor

Biological Safety Cabinet Certification/ HEPA Filtration Team

Tamie Maier - Biosafety Cabinet Service Coordinator
Bryan Kahler - Biological Safety Cabinet Certifier, NSF, Lead Technician
Arthur Speth - Biological Safety Cabinet Certifier, NSF
Emaniel Desir - Biosafety Certifier Assistant

Laboratory Safety Team

Jack Barrett, M.S. - Research Safety Specialist
Mariah Klunk, B.S. - Research Safety Specialist
Betelhem Ashebo, B.S. - Research Safety Specialist