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DoD Online Proposal Submission Guidelines

Appendix F:
DoD Online Proposal Submissions

 New Proposal Submissions:  Principal Investigators must register on the DoD’s online system prior to submitting information for their first proposal.  During the registration process (, you will obtain a password to use with your e-mail address for future proposal site access.  During the proposal submission process, the applicant may designate another individual to assist him/her in the proposal submission process.  If the designee is not already registered in the DoD’s system, they will become registered and a password will be e-mailed to them that they will use to access the DoD site along with their e-mail address.  Proposals will be submitted electronically at

The DoD requires that final proposals be submitted by the university’s sponsored research administration office rather than by the principal investigator directly.  Therefore, the Office of Research Administration will enforce strict deadlines for proposal submission under these programs.  Research Administration MUST receive both the routed paper version (with signed SOM Information Sheet) and the final electronic version (in PDF format) THREE (3) working days prior to each DoD deadline.  The PDF file should be e-mailed or delivered on CD-Rom to the appropriate Sponsored Research Administrator for the investigator’s department (click here for list). 

Be aware that SOM departments may enforce their own deadlines to ensure that submitted materials meet ORA requirements.  These deadlines may vary from 2 to 5 working days, and investigators should consult early with their departmental administrators to ensure timely submission of application materials.

To summarize, the following are the steps in submitting a DoD grant application:

-Applicant Registration – as discussed above

-Investigator Submits Proposal Information online – the investigator should submit Proposal Information (referred to in prior years as the Proposal Cover Booklet) online at  Your Proposal Information will include the e-mail address of the Sponsored Research Administrator from ORA who is authorized to negotiate on behalf of JHU (see Appendix A to find the individual responsible for your department/division). The DoD encourages applicants to begin this step early, as it must be completed before submission of the final application.

-Sponsored Research Administrator Conducts Proposal Information Review – The Sponsored Research Administrator will receive an e-mail from the DoD notifying him/her that the Proposal Information is available for review.

-Investigator sends PDF formatted proposal to Sponsored Research Administrator – The investigator should either e-mail the file, or, where the file is too large for e-mail, provide it on a CD-Rom.