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Indirect Cost Rates and Fringe Benefits Rates

Appendix C:

Facilities and Administration Rates (F&A) and Fringe Benefit Rates

Federal Sponsors

All federally funded proposals should be submitted with the below rates. All rates are based on MTDC.  Note that the first $25,000 of each subcontract, per project period, is included in the Facilities & Administration cost base.  (Amounts over $25,000 of each subcontract are excluded from the base.)

Commercial Sponsors

For commercially sponsored research, use the commercial rate applied to a Total Direct Cost base.  For clinical trials, use the off-campus research rate if the space cost is supported by clinical billing.  For animal or lab based studies, use the on-campus research rate.

Other Sponsors

For other sponsors, use the federal rate or the sponsor's maximum rate if stated in their policies.  If the sponsor's rates are less than the federal rate, include space and administrative costs in the direct cost budget if allowed.

Federal Sponsored Research07/01/18-6/30/23
Commercial Sponsored Research  7/01/20-6/30/23
Other sponsored activities*07/01/17-06/30/23
* i.e., health services projects and community service programs

Please use the following estimated fringe benefits rates for grant and contract budget submissions:

Regular Staff:28%34%
Temporary, Limited, and Casual:8%8%
Post Graduate Felows (Wages):18.5%18.2%
Post Graduate Fellows (Stipends):10.3%10%

The above listed estimated fringe benefit rates, provided by the Controller's office, should be used for future year budgeting until the actual rates have been approved in a revised federal rate agreement.

The date of our latest Negotiation Agreement is May 5, 2021. A copy of the agreement letter is posted on Controller’s office website at






updated 6/17/2019