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Office of Research Administration - East Baltimore

Departmental Assignments

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DepartmentDirectorGrants AssocSpecialistSub Specialist
(below for subs under contracts and foundation awards)
All ChildrensJ. FrantzL. PeckJ. DeleaverM. Snow
AnatomyA. SedehiL. PeckA. LangerM. Snow
AnesthesiologyA. SedehiL. TylerJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Armstrong InstituteT. BurnsL. TylerI. RoundM. Snow
Biological ChemistryD. CarsonL. PeckI. RoundM. Snow
Biomedical EngineeringD. CarsonM. BaileyJ. DeleaverM. Snow
BiophysicsD. CarsonM. BaileyJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Brain Science Institute ( BSI)A. SedehiL. PeckI. RoundM. Snow
CAPRESD. CarsonM. BaileyA. LangerM. Snow
Cell BiologyD. CarsonS. MorganI. RoundM. Snow
Clinical Trial ConsortiaG. WaltersS. BrownI. Round 
DermatologyA. SedehiS. MorganA. LangerM. Snow
Emergency MedicineJ. FrantzL. PeckJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Gynecology/ObstetricsJ. FrantzL. PeckJ. DeleaverM. Snow
History of MedicineA. SedehiL. PeckA. LangerM. Snow
Institute for Cell EngineeringA. SedehiL. PeckJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM)D. CarsonL. TylerJ. DeleaverM. Snow
InterdepartmentalA. SedehiM. BaileyA. LangerM. Snow
Medical ArchivesA. SedehiM. BaileyA. LangerM. Snow
Medicine: BayviewS. FisherL. TylerC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: CardiologyA. SedehiK. RodgersJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Medicine: ChairmanS. FisherL. TylerC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: Chemical DependencyJ. FrantzL. TylerC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: Clinical ImmunologyC. BraxtonL. TylerA. LogsdonM. Snow
Medicine:  Clinical PharmacologyC. BraxtonK. RodgersI. RoundM. Snow
Medicine: EndocrinologyS. FisherL. TylerC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: GastroenterologyA. SedehiL. TylerA. LogsdonM. Snow
Medicine: GeriatricsS. FisherL. TylerJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Medicine:  HematologyS. FisherL. TylerI. RoundM. Snow
Medicine:  ImmunogeneticsC. BraxtonL. TylerC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: Infectious DiseaseS. FisherK. RodgersI. RoundM. Snow
Medicine:  Internal MedicineS. FisherK. RodgersC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: Molecular MedicineC. BraxtonK. RodgersA. LangerM. Snow
Medicine: NephrologyS. FisherK. RodgersC. HurseyM. Snow
Medicine: PulmonaryC. BraxtonL. TylerJ. DelaverM. Snow
Medicine: RheumatologyS. FisherL. TylerA. LogsdonM. Snow
Molecular and Comparative PathobiologyD. CarsonA. RostI.  RoundM. Snow
Molecular Biology & GeneticsJ. FrantzM. BaileyC. HurseyM. Snow
NeurologyA. SedehiK. Alston-RodgersI. RoundM. Snow
NeuroscienceD. CarsonA. RostC. HurseyM. Snow
NeurosurgeryC. BraxtonK. RodgersC. HurseyM. Snow
OncologyT. BurnsL. PeckA. LangerM. Snow
Oncology (Brain, Brest, Uro)*G. WaltersL. PeckA. LangerM. Snow
OphthalmologyJ. FrantzM. BaileyA. LogsdonM. Snow
Orthopaedic SurgeryD. CarsonS. MorganI. RoundM. Snow
OtolaryngologyC. BraxtonS. MorganC. HurseyM. Snow
PathologyD. CarsonA. RostC. HurseyM. Snow
PediatricsJ. FrantzM. BaileyA. LogsdonM. Snow
PharmacologyD. CarsonS. MorganJ. DeleaverM. Snow
Physical Medicine and Rehab.D. CarsonL. TylerJ. DeleaverM. Snow
PhysiologyS. FisherS. MorganA. LangerM. Snow
Plastic SurgeryJ. FrantzS. MorganC. HurseyM. Snow
PsychiatryC. BraxtonS. MorganI. RoundM. Snow
Radiation OncologyA. SedehiL. PeckJ. DeleaverM. Snow
RadiologyS. FisherA. RostI. RoundM. Snow
Sim CenterD. CarsonN/AI. RoundM. Snow
SurgeryA. SedehiS. MorganI. RoundM. Snow
UrologyC. BraxtonA. RostA. LangerM. Snow
Welch LibraryA. SedehiM. BaileyA. LangerM. Snow

*Original Federal Subcontracts are created by Melody Snow
Commercially Sponsored Subcontracts are created by Melody Snow
Modification Federal Subcontracts are created by Michelle Sloan
Foundation Sponsored Subcontracts are created by Michelle Sloan