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JHU SOM Office of Research Administration

In accordance with University guidance, all areas of the School of Medicine Office of Research Administration will begin working remotely as of Monday, March 16th. Otherwise, all operations will continue as normal. Please continue to work with your regular ORA contacts as normal and continue to submit proposals, sponsored awards or other requests to ORA through the normal channels. We will provide all current available guidance from federal agencies/sponsors on COVID-19 related research administration matters as we receive them. For research-related guidance on COVID-19, please visit the JHU Research Preparedness website.  For the latest university updates, please visit JHU's COVID-19 information page.  If you are in doubt as to whom to contact, please use for any inquiries and you will receive a prompt response. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.



This notice is to address the NIH’s revised notice NOT-OD-21-110 Implementation of Changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page.

To ensure that all necessary information is captured and submitted to NIH, both JHURA and School of Medicine ORA will require the use of the new NIH Other Support and Biosketch forms, without the new signature/certification or uploaded copies of contracts, for all applications and submissions on or after May 25, 2021. The signatures/certifications will not be required from all JHU faculty until January 25, 2022.

We made this decision, because while NIH is not requiring use of the new Other Support and Biosketch forms until January 25, 2022, applicants are still responsible for capturing all of the necessary information set forth in their original notice, NOT-OD-21-073 - Upcoming Changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page for Due Dates on or after May 25, 2021.

Although JHU has decided to delay implementing the NIH signature requirement for the Other Support page, all investigators remain personally responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their Biosketch and Other Support disclosures on all submissions, including proposals, JIT requests and RPPRs. In addition, while we will not be including copies of foreign contracts in the upload to NIH, all investigators should ensure that all agreements that relate to any foreign appointment or an item listed in the Other Support page have been reviewed by their Dean’s Office, and that outside appointment agreements are on file, translated, and ready to be submitted to NIH upon request. Information about each school’s process for reviewing foreign appointments may be found here

Please consult the original NIH Notice and FAQ’s, as well as JHU’s Current and Pending Support page for additional guidance on what needs to be disclosed.

Please always contact your research administration representative for any questions that you may have.







To better prepare SOM faculty and research administration staff for these changes, the Office of Research Administration will be presenting Q & A sessions on the following dates and times:

Friday May 14 10-11 am Q & A Other Support and Biosketch

Friday May 21 10-11 am Q & A Other Support and Biosketch

Zoom link:


Recent Notices From Sponsors Regarding COVID-19




Fast-Track Program for COVID-19 Test Development and Distribution funding opportunity

NIH FAQ's regarding COVID-19

Information for NIH applicants and recipients of NIH Funding

COVID-19 Information for applicants and recipients powerpoint

     Updated NIH guidance of late submissions through May 1.

    Urgent Competitive Revisions to NIGMS Grants to Address the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • NOT-OD-20-082 - NIH Late Application Policy Due to Public Health Emergency for United States for 2019 Novel Coronavirus 
  • NOT-OD-20-083 - General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Proposal Submission and Award Management Related to COVID-19 


NSF Information Concerning Coronavirus Disease 2019


Institutional and Agency Responses COVID-19


FunctionLocationContact Information

Main office/E. Baltimore

Review of all sponsored research proposals and awards, except commercial clinical research.

Edward D. Miller Research Building
733 N. Broadway
Suite 117
Baltimore, MD 21205

E. Baltimore contact list

E. Baltimore
delegations list

Clinical Research Contracting

The Clinical Research Contracting group reviews and negotiates all commercial Clinical Research agreements.

See definition of clinical research below.

Please send documents for the Contracting group electronically via e-mail to, or express mail directly to the Fells Point Office (below) 

If necessary, internal paper submissions may be dropped off at the Edward D. Miller Research Building, 117.

ORA  address for both areas is:

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Clinical Research Administration
750 E. Pratt Street
14th Floor
Baltimore, MD  21202

Please send documents for the Clinical Research Support Services group electronically via e-mail to, For more information call 410-361-8362

Fax number 410-361-8363

Clinical Research Contracting and Research Support Services Contact list

Pratt Street Sponsored Projects Specialist delegations list.  

Clinical Research Support Services Workflow

Clinical Research Support Services

The support services group provides expertise in clinical research patient care coverage analysis, comprehensive budget development and budget negotiations with corporate sponsors. 

Clinical Research is defined as: “All research that involves patients or PHI, or clinical testing or procedures, or drug/device diagnostic testing in humans or any planning/lab/clinical service in support of such clinical research."