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The Office of Capital Region Research

The Office of Capital Region Research (CAPRES) is a Johns Hopkins Medicine effort that provides research management and support infrastructure to the Johns Hopkins-owned hospitals in the National Capital corridor and certain elements of community physician groups.

A program with oversight from Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System, CAPRES was created to provide services designed to develop, nurture and improve medical research through collaboration between Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital, and Howard County General Hospital.  

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Integrating research across these hospitals allows community physicians and patients the opportunity to access state-of-the-art research.

CAPRES Objectives

  1. To formulate a uniform policy and procedure code for the National Capital corridor hospitals.
  2. To support Johns Hopkins and local hospital physicians through additional training, contracting and IRB processes to initiate and perform research.
  3. To support a local research review committee for each hospital that needs to supplement the IRB review and provide reviews of the context, research team and target patient population.
  4. To provide enhanced clinical research services at each hospital.

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