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Office of Policy Coordination Change Articles

The following articles on research integrity have appeared as part of the Conduct Matters column in Johns Hopkins' Change magazine - a monthly forum for Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and senior staff. 

DateTitle & Summary

April 2014

"Faculty Policy on Product Endorsements" - Guidelines for faculty explain prohibitions on activity that implies or constitutes commercial endorsement.

July 2013

"Out in the Open" - Sunshine Act requires public posting of physician payments from companies that manufacture drugs and medical devices.

April 2013

"Media Alert" - Guidelines for handling calls from reporters about research misconduct.

January 2013

"Protecting Research from the Risk of Bias Caused by Conflicts of Interest" - JHU policy sets limits on investigators' financial interests in human subjects research.

December 2012

"Patient Privacy Reminders" - Privacy Rule allows patients' medical information to be faxed to their workplaces, with certain stipulations.

October 2012

"Retrieving the evidence" - Keeping track of records keeps researchers on track.

September 2012

"New conflict of interest policy" - Revised rules for disclosing financial interests.

April 2012

"Thanks but no thanks" - The SOM gift policy explained

March 2012

"Ten approaches for a more civil workplace" - Principles of civility from Hopkins Professor P.M. Forni

February 2012

"Authorship Disputes" - Deciding whose name is first on the list

January 2012

"They're in love!" - The Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty provides specific guidelines about romantic relationships at work.

December 2010

"Re: gifting" - New rules govern how faculty members must report and distribute personal gifts related to their school of medicine activities.

May 2010

"Plagiarizing Myself?" - Is it wrong to recycle your own previously published work?

February 2010

"Suspicious Minds" - If I question my colleague's data, how can I gain access to it?