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Code of Professional Conduct

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is dedicated to pursuing its tripartite missions of research, education and patient care.  The School is also committed to fostering a working environment that encourages and supports unfettered scientific inquiry and the free and open exchange of ideas that are the hallmarks of academic freedom.  Consistent with these overriding and fundamental principles and commitments, the School of Medicine seeks to create an environment in which members of the community are civil and respectful of individuals and individual differences, that effectively and efficiently supports the missions of the School of Medicine, and that is free of behaviors that undermine the missions of the School. 

The University and its School of Medicine have in place policies, standards of conduct and procedures that govern the relationships between the School and the members of the community.  For example, staff of the School of Medicine must abide by standards of conduct that are spelled out in the Johns Hopkins University Personnel Policies Manual and Staff Handbook; students at the School of Medicine are governed by the expectations of the School’s Guidelines for Conduct in Teacher/Learner Relationships and applicable conduct policies; faculty are expected to comply with the standards set forth in the Gold Book, the Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Professional Misconduct, the School’s Guidelines for Conduct in Teacher/Learner Relationships and other policies.  

Consistent with the School’s missions, commitments and other policies, the purpose of this code is to set forth with more clarity the School’s expectations for the professional conduct of its faculty.  This Code is intended to be consistent with and amplify existing University and School of Medicine policies, rather than supplant any policy.