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Private Agreements

Any service or consulting arrangement with an outside entity or organization should be governed by a written agreement that is established in advance and includes documentation of an actual need for the service. JHU and JHHS are not parties to private agreements and will therefore not sign agreements between faculty or staff members and outside entities/organizations. You may wish to consult your own legal advisor before signing an agreement, contract, or letter agreement for providing outside services.

The agreement and your service under the agreement must comply with JHU School of Medicine policies.

Some general points to look out for:

  • You should not disclose or be asked to disclose any confidential information that is proprietary to JHU.
  • The company does not have any rights to intellectual property or inventions created by you as a result of your research at JHU. 
  • You may not use any JHU and JHHS facilities, resources or funds in conducting your outside activity.
  • You may not engage JHU or JHHS employees, including students, trainees, and post-doctoral fellows, to provide services as part of your private agreement.
  • You must be allowed to continue your research and any other faculty activities at JHU without company restrictions.
  • Refer to the JHU School of Medicine Uniform Provisions for appropriate contract language.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (410) 516-5560 or email us at

We are available to give presentations about conflict of interest, conflict of commitment and/or outside services to departments, laboratories or faculty groups.  We are also available to meet individually with faculty and staff who have general questions about outside activities, conflict of interest and/or conflict of commitment.