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Online Clinical Research Billing Orientation Resources 

LMS Link to Clinical Research Billing Orientation (Online) 

Clinical Research Billing Lunch & Learn Training Enrollment Request (login for LMS required)

-This interactive learning session brings together six offices involved in the Clinical Research Revenue Cycle at Johns Hopkins and will provide you with information on what are the responsibilities of the Principal Investigator and other study team members in regards to the Clinical Research Revenue Cycle at Johns Hopkins.  There are many tools and resources available to assist with this process and this learning session will introduce you to all of them as well as provide you with a network of people that can assist you as you initiate and manage your research activities.

Google Maps Directions to Lunch & Learn Training Location at 750 E. Pratt Street Baltimore MD 21202

Clinical Research Billing & Quality Assurance

FAQ Scanning Research Consent Forms

Joint Commission standards maintain that consent forms should be part of the patient’s medical record. Generally speaking, if a Hopkins patient is enrolled in a trial for which there is Hopkins IRB approval, then this patient’s signed informed consent form should be added to their electronic medical record. This change in practice means that research consent forms will now be scanned into a patient’s record in Epic.

The Clinical Research Billing and Quality Assurance (CRB&QA) Office will scan these items in on your study’s behalf to help ensure that the scanning and indexing of the forms are completed accurately.

Acronyms and Abbreviations related to the Clinical Research Revenue Cycle (.docx)

UB Itemized Statement Overview (.pdf)

Example Research Study Professional Fee Billing Statement (.pdf)

Medicare Policy Related to Coverage of Routine Costs in Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Financial Clearance

NEW Commonly Used Abbreviations in Insurance Clearance Responses

Submitting Insurance Clearance in CRMS (.pdf)

- This document explains the Insurance Clearance functionality available in CRMS. If your study has a Prospective Reimbursement Analysis,PRA, you are required to use this functionality.

Clinical Research Revenue Cycle

Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) Related Links & Material

CRMS Main Login Page (login required)

CRMS Main Help (Wiki) Page

- This link provides in-depth guidance on all facets of the CRMS application that study team members may encounter

Email contact for the CRMSHelp Team:

epic@hopkins Clinical Research Related Weblinks

Project Portal for epic@hopkins (login required)

Training Portal for epic@hopkins (login required)

Epic Clinical Research Project Team Confluence Site (login required)

- This site contain extensive material related to Clinical Research Functionality in the epic@hopkins application

Research Related Tips & Tricks within Training Portal (login required)

- This links directly to helpful 1 or 2 page guides to assist with many tasks within the epic@hopkins application

Direct Study Billing Material

Entering a Budget # (Study I/O) in CRMS (.pdf)

- This document explains how to enter budget numbers is CRMS. Studies with a Prospective Reimbursement Analysis, PRA, are required to enter this information in CRMS.

Clinical Research Billing Lunch & Learn Training Documentation (.pdf)

- This document contains the most recent handout material distributed to attendees of the Lunch & Learn.

Other Helpful Links

External Clinical Research and Billing Related Links

Novatis Solutions  - Medicare Local CMS Contractor – Clinical Trials and IDEs

Medicare Policy Related to Coverage of Routine Costs in Clinical Trials

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Mediicine

Johns Hopkins Medicine Research Main Page

Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Johns Hopkins Medicine Suburban Hospital Office of Capital Region Research (CAPRES)

Johns Hopkins Institutional Review Boards

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