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Seth Blackshaw Lab

Seth Blackshaw, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator:
Seth Blackshaw, Ph.D.

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The Seth Blackshaw Lab uses functional genomics and proteomics to rapidly identify the molecular mechanisms that regulate cell specification and survival in both the retina and hypothalamus. We have profiled gene expression in both these tissues, from the start to the end of neurogenesis, characterizing the cellular expression patterns of more than 1,800 differentially expressed transcripts in both tissues. Working together with the lab of Heng Zhu in the Department of Pharmacology, we have also generated a protein microarray comprised of nearly 20,000 unique full-length human proteins, which we use to identify biochemical targets of developmentally important genes of interest.

Research Areas: retina, central nervous system, biochemistry, hypothalamus, proteomics, genomics

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