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Meet Our Current Fellows

My favorite part about being a fellow at Johns Hopkins is the sense of collaboration. In my first year, I always felt supported by my attendings, staff, and co-fellows and I never worried alone. I also found a ton of support for my research interest. My mentor was very patient with me as I learned to write my first grant proposal. I feel like everyone here really wants me to succeed.

– Cecilia Albers, first year CAP fellow

Through serendipity, patient safety and quality improvement became a focus of my fellowship experience. In first year, fellows participate in a longitudinal patient safety course led by a faculty mentor. Delving into patient safety issues from our own experience during fellowship brought quality improvement concepts to life. In second year, I chose to continue work on our project through a research lens. Truly, the opportunity to work with a particular faculty mentor drew me to continue the project. Over the past year, I have learned an abundance of research, leadership, and interdisciplinary collaboration skills through working with my mentor. Most importantly, my mentor always provided encouragement and made me feel valued as a colleague—quality improvement at its core.

– Maxine Pottenger, second year CAP fellow

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