Diabetes Self-Management Training Group Education


Johns Hopkins Medicine Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) program offers in-person group education sessions for patients newly diagnosed with diabetes and patients who have been living with diabetes for years. 

With the help of our certified diabetes education specialist, participants will develop a customized diabetes plan to help them:

  • Improve your blood sugar and A1C levels
  • Learn how food affects your sugar levels
  • Increase your confidence in managing diabetes
  • Learn techniques for exercise and physical activity

Group sessions are now forming. RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY. 
Depending on the participant's referral, group sessions may be one or a series of two group sessions.

The DSMT in-person group sessions will cover the following:

Nutrition Guidance


Strategies to Increase Physical Activity


Medication Adherence

medication adherence

Monitor, Interpret and Manage Glucose Levels

Glucose Monitor

Healthy Coping Skills

healthy coping

Preventing and Managing Diabetes Complications

diabetes complications