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Our Pharmacology Alumni

We are proud of the accomplishments of our pharmacology graduates. Our program alumni from 1983 until now are listed below. Also included is the year they matriculated into our graduate program and the faculty mentor they worked with. Over the last 28 years the average time it takes from matriculation until graduation is 5.5 years.

Alumni, we would love to hear from you!  Please keep us up to date with your current position and affiliation by contacting Amy Forcier. Your accomplishments inspire our current trainees and help us recruit outstanding new students to the Pharmacology Graduate Program.

graph of careers
2005-2018 Alumni Current Careers

Here is a look at the current careers of alumni who graduated from 2005-2018

graph of graduate careers
Careers of Pharmacology Graduates

Our graduates shift from postdoctoral positions to industry and academics and other fields over time after graduation

graph of careers
2005-2018 Alumni Current Careers

Here is a look at the current careers of alumni who graduated from 2005-2018

graph of graduate careers
Careers of Pharmacology Graduates

Our graduates shift from postdoctoral positions to industry and academics and other fields over time after graduation

Careers of Our Program Graduates

Below you will find the current positions of our graduates sorted by the year of their graduation


  • Amer Al-khouja: (Meyers)
    Johns Hopkins University - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Matthew Arwood: (Powell)
    Johns Hopkins University - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Nina Chu: (Jaffee)
    Johns Hopkins University - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Hugh Giovinazzo: (Nelson/Yegnasubramanian)
    Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Zheng Wang: (Siliciano)
    MedImmune/AstraZeneca - Scientist I

  • Taarika Babu: (Hanes)
    SGS - Clinical Trial Assistant

    Zan Chen: (Cole)
    Harvard Medical School - Postdoctoral Fellow

    John Kosowicz: (Ambinder)
    Food and Drug Administration - Commissioner Fellow

    Alyssa Martin: (Silciano)
    NIH - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Oliver Rogers: (Denmeade)
    Revolve Biotechnologies - Research Scientist

    Kyle Seamon: (Stivers)
    Inscripta, Inc. - Scientist I

  • Atinuke Seun Ajiboye: (Denmeade)
    International and American Associations for Dental Research - Director of Science Policy and Government Affairs

    Jessica Cades: (Rudin/Tran)
    Food and Drug Administration - Interdisciplinary Scientist

    Nicholas Calcaterra: (Barrow)
    UC Berkeley - Law Student

    Sarah (Head) DiBartolo: (Liu)
    Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Dominique Figueroa: (Bumpus)
    University of Maryland Mass Spectrometry Center - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Eric Gardner: (Rudin)
    Weill Cornell Medicine - Postdoctoral Associate

    Kirill Gorshkov: (Zhang)
    National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) - Senior Scientist

    Po-Yuan "Robert" Hsiao: (Cole)
    McKinsey & Company - Associate

    Adrian Kizewski, MA: (J. Isaacs)
    Cognizant - Senior Consultant in Life Sciences

    Julie Lade: (Bumpus)
    Amgen - Scientist

    Ruojing Li: (Liu)
    Food and Drug Administration - Pharmacometrics Reviewer

    Daniel Marous: (Townsend)
    Wittenberg University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Kirsten Meyer: (Shapiro)
    Antimicrobial Discovery Center Northeastern University - Postdoctoral Research Associate

    Linde Miles: (Rudin)
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Anne Cieniewicz: (Taverna)
    Metacrine, Inc - Scientist

    Evelyn (Eisele) Gurule: (Siliciano)
    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Medical Student

    Martin Taylor, MD/PhD: (Cole)
    Massachusetts General Hospital - Pathology Resident

    Yung-Sheng (Melody) Tsui: (Nelson)
    WilmerHale - Technology Specialist

    Qing Wang: (Kinzler)
    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Oncology Research Associate

    Nicholas Wyhs: (Nelson)
    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Risheng Xu MD/PhD: (Snyder)
    Johns Hopkins Hospital - Resident Physician

    Jessica Yang: (Zhang)
    Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry - Dental Student

  • Akrita Bhatnagar: (Pomper)
    George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences - Medical Student

    David Bolduc: (Cole)
    H3 Biomedicine - Investigator I Biochemistry and Lead Discovery
    Meng-Jung Chiang: (Cole)
    Office of Biotechnology Products, CDER, U.S. FDA - Research Fellow

    Elisabeth (Hersman) Walker: (Cotter/Bumpus)
    Thermo Scientific - Field Application Scientist

    Darshil Jhaveri: (Jaffee)
    Pipeline Marketing Sciences (Oncology), Gilead Sciences - Manager

    Nene Kalu: (Ambinder)
    Lonza Viral Therapy - Process Development Scientist

    Yanhui Lu: (Hendrix)
    Food and Drug Administration - Clinical Pharmacology Reviewer

    Johnathan Neiswinger: (Zhang)
    Bellhaven University - Assistant Professor of Biology

    Romeo Papazyan: (Taverna)
    Regulus Therapeutics - Scientist II

    Polina Prusevich: (Cole)
    Lonza - MSAT Process Scientist II

    Elaine To: (Bumpus)
    Verseon Corporation - Scientist II

    Ijeoma Uzoma: (Zhu)
    Food and Drug Administration - Pharmacologist

    David Walker: (Nelson)
    Active Motif - Key Account Manager

    Melissa Zarr: (Siliciano)
    Nextcure - Scientist

  • Ying-Chun Lo: (Powell)
    Brigham and Women's Hospital - Thoracic and Pulmonary Pathology Fellowship

    John Skoko: (Kensler)
    University of Pittsburgh - Postdoctoral Associate

    Frank Vendetti: (Rudin)
    University of Pittsburgh - Senior Postdoctoral Associate

    Feiran Zhang: (Liu)
    Emory University - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Blake Aftab: (Rudin)
    Adicet Bio, Inc. - Vice President, Head of Research

    Lindsay Avery: (Hendrix)
    Sanofi - DMPK Project Rep., Senior Scientist

    Andrea Benedict: (Talalay)
    Food and Drug Administration - Pharmacologist

    Agedi Boto; MD/PhD: (Amzel)
    Histowiz - Chief Medical Officer

    Mark Castanares: (Pomper/Lupold)
    Eli Lily and Company - Senior Research Scientist

    Isabel Martinez Ferrando: (Cole)
    Comparative Medicine, Johns Hopkins University - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Christine Jelinek: (Cotter)
    Food and Drug Administration - ORISEFellow

    Michael Manning: (Denmeade)
    Food and Drug Administration - Pharmacologist

    Omoruyi Osula: (Cotter)
    Hylton-Rodic Law, PLLC - Patent Agent

    Vedani Sample: (Zhang)
    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals - CMC scientist

    Liang Shan: (Siliciano)
    Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis - Assistant Professor

    Denis Titov: (Liu)
    Department of Molecular & Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley - Assistant Adjunct Professor

    Sifei Xing: (Siliciano)
    Accdon - Scientific Editor

  • William Brennan: (Denmeade)
    Oncology, Johns Hopkins University - Assistant Professor

    Michael Koldobskiy, MD/PhD: (Snyder)
    Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine - Research & Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Oncology

    Meng Li: (Vogelstein)
    EMD Serono (Merck KGaA) - Associate Medical Director, Immuno-Oncology

    Moira McMahon: (Siliciano)
    Ionis Pharmaceuticals - Senior Scientist

    Meghdad Rahdar: (Zhang/Devreotes)
    Ionis Pharmaceuticals - Senior Scientist

    Katie (Herbst) Robinson: (Zhang)
    Vindico Medical Education - Associate Director, Medical Research and Quality Outcomes

    Traci Speed, MD/PhD: (Nelson)
    Johns Hopkins Hospital - Psychiatrist

    Marie Webster: (Meyers)
    Wistar Institute - Staff Scientist

    Brice Wilson: (W. Isaacs)
    National Cancer Institute - Research Fellow

    Crystal Woodard: (D. Hayward/Zhu)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb - Clinical Educator Liaison

  • Bradley Barnett; PhD: 2010, MD: 2012: (Cole)
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Wilmer Eye Institute - Ophthalmology Resident

    Hyo-Eun Bhang: (Pomper)
    Novartis Oncology - Investigator III

    Jason Dinoso: (Siliciano)
    Genentech - Senior Medical Science Director, US Medical Affairs

    Jason Howard: (Alani)
    Sanofi Genzyme - Medical Science Liaison

    Nicolette Louissaint: (Hendrix)
    Healthcare Ready - Executive Director

    Andrea Mountney: (Schnaar)
    U.S. Army - Assistant Product Manager in Chemical Defense Pharmaceuticals

    Zachary Reichert, MD/PhD: (Nelson)
    University of Michigan Health System - Hematologist

    Lin Shen: (Siliciano)
    University of Pittsburgh - Medical Resident

    Xiaosong Zhang: (Kinzler)
    Genentech - Associate Medical Director



  • Michael Allen: (Zhang)
    US Patent and Trademark Office - Patent Examiner

    Lisa DiPilato: (Zhang)
    AdMed Inc - Medical Director

    Ashley (Beasley) Green: (Cotter)
    National Institute of Standards and Technology - Staff Scientist-Project Lead

    Xin Huang: (Kinzler)
    Suzhou Cowin Venture Capital - Partner

    Bingnan Kang: (Snyder)
    Zitter Health Insights - Director of Innovation

    Aaron LeBeau: (Denmeade)
    University Minnesota - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

    Soona Shin: (Kensler)
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Assistant Professor

    Courtney Silverthorn: (Alani)
    Technology Partnerships Office at National Institute of Standards and Technology - Senior Policy Advisor

    Jing Xu: (Liu)
    UT Southwestern Medical Center - Resident Physician

    Melinda Yates: (Kensler)
    M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Assistant Professor

    Mark Zabawa, MA: (Meyers)
    Iowa Lakes Community College - Chemistry Instructor

    Jian Zhu: (D. Hayward/Zhu)
    The Ohio State University - Tenured Associate Professor

  • Curtis Chong: (Liu)
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Medical Oncologist

    Matthew Vaughn: (Nelson)
    Umbrex - Independent Consultant

    Ling Wang: (Cole)
    New Haven, CT - Stay-At-Home Mother

  • Elin Simms Agoston: (Kensler)
    Bridge Street Bio - Principal

    Jiameng Chen: (Ambinder)
    Food and Drug Administration - Clinical Pharmacology Reviewer

    Staci Deaton Heise: (Alani)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb - Associate Director, HQ Medical Publications

    Aliya Courtney Hines, MD/PhD: (Cole)
    University of Michigan Institute for Health Policy and Innovation - National Clinician Scholar

    Xiaoyi Hu: (Liu)
    Ferring Pharmaceuticals - Scientist II

    Peter Kim: (Jaffee)
    Merck - Senior Scientist

    Heather Martin: (D. Hayward)
    University of Pennsylvania - Senior Research Investigator

    Niraj Mehta: (Schnaar)
    Merck - Director for Global Quality Compliance

    Omonike (Omotoso) Olaleye: (Liu)
    Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy - Professor

    Lauren (Seiple) Parker: (Stivers)
    Sieman Healthcare Diagnostics - Senior Manager

    Paul Zarek: (Powell)
    Harness, Dickey & Pierce P.L.C. - Patent Agent

  • Tony Agoston: (Nelson)
    Harvard Medical School - Assistant Professor, Pathology; Gastrointestinal and Surgical Pathologist

    Rebekah Gundry: (Cotter)
    Medical College of Wisconsin - Associate Professor of Biochemistry

    Daniel Krosky: (Stivers)
    The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson - Principal Scientist

    Brian Ladle: (Jaffee)
    Johns Hopkins University - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Oncology

    Elizabeth (Manning) Duus: (Jaffee/Emens)
    Helsinn Therapeutics (US), Inc. - Senior Director of Clinical Research

    Yingfeng Qiao: (Cole)
    Fairfield, CA - Pharmacist

    Srinivasan Yegnasubramanian: (Nelson)
    Johns Hopkins University - Associate Professor

    Xiang Yu: (Kensler)
    University of Maryland, School of Dentistry - Research Specialist

  • Brian Cornblatt: (Nelson)
    Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. - Medical Director

    Christopher Farrell: (D. Hayward)
    Merck Research Labs - Associate Principle Scientist

    Jian Huang: (D. Hayward)
    Invitrogen Greater China, Hong Kong - Technology Sales Specialist

    Paul Kim: (Snyder)
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Assistant Professor, Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience

    Ihid Leao: (Hildreth)
    Food and Drug Administration - Commissioner Fellow

    Lan Lin: (Ambinder)
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - Fellow in Hematopathology

    Brock Peters: (Kinzler)
    Complete Genomics, Inc. - Senior Director of Research

  • Yingbei Chen: (Hardwick)
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - Pathologist

    Kelly Kroeger: (Greenberg)
    Agilent Technologies - Section Manager, Molecular and Cellular Biology

    Jeffrey Shaman: (Coffey/Sollner-Webb)
    Genewiz, Inc. - Business Development Lead & Associate Manager

    Christopher von Seggern: (Cotter)
    Coriell Life Sciences - Director of Business Development

  • Lisa Cimakasky: (Hildreth)
    Ckbiomed - Freelance Medical Writer

    Ryan Dick: (Kensler)
    Portola Pharmaceuticals - Scientist III

    Yihru Fannjiang: (Hardwick)
    Full Plenty Industry Co. Ltd. TAIWAN - Assistant Vice President

    Suzanne Ramirez Kalb: (Cotter)
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Research Chemist

    Deborah Greene Nguyen: (Hildreth)
    Anexigen - Vice President of Research

    Kara Scheibner: (Cole)
    Food and Drug Administration - Pharmacologist

    Ruijiang Song: (Schnaar/Leong)
    Food and Drug Administration - Staff Fellow

    Ji Sun: (Schnaar)
    Investigational Drug Service, UC San Diego Health System - Senior Manager

    Shan Zha: (W. Isaacs)
    Columbia University Medical Center - Associate Professor

  • Anita (Krithivas) Gandhi: (D. Hayward)
    Celgene Corporation - Senior Director

    Renae Speck: (Flexner)
    Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing - Chief Operating Officer, The Composites Institute

    Fred Wu: (G. Hayward)
    Southern Indiana Radiological Associates - Radiologist

  • James Conway: (G. Hayward)
    Baltimore Neurosurgery and Spine Center - Neurosurgeon

    Robert Georgantas: (August)
    AbbVie - Director of PharmacoGenetics, Pharmacogenomics, and Bioinformatics

    Daniel Krovich: (Coffey)
    Delta Dental Insurance Company - Contact Center Supervisor

    Jie Yang: (Ambinder)
    Eastern Connecticut Hematology & Oncology Associates - Clinical Staff

    Sifang Zhou: (D. Hayward)
    MicroBioTest, (a div. of Microbac Laboratories, Inc.) - Director of Virology and Molecular Biology

  • Jennifer S. Cannon: (Ambinder)
    AbbVie - Vice President of Operations Commercial Development

    Stacy Mihalik Moore: (Ambinder)
    BioRad Laboratories - Program Manager

    Dzung Nguyen: (Hildreth)
    BioLegend - Director of Marketing

    Kevin Staveley-O'Carroll: (August/Levitsky)
    University of Missouri School of Medicine - Chair, Department of Surgery; Director, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center



  • Brian Collins: (Schnaar)
    Momenta Pharmaceuticals - Senior Director, Analytical Development

    Gloria David: (Nelson)
    Rho, Inc. - Principal Research Scientist

    Mikael Eliasson, MD/PhD: (Snyder)
    Genentech - Head of Innovation Neuroscience

    Frank Guarnieri, MD/PhD: (August)
    LincolnHealth/MaineHealth - Family practitioner

    Yuang-Taung Juang: (Pitha-Rowe)
    FOCIS Center of Excellence, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Faculty

    Ernesto Marques: (Schnaar)
    Univ. of Pittsburgh, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology,
    Center for Vaccine Research - Associate Professor

    Vu Truong(-Le): (August)
    Aridis Pharmaceuticals - Founder and CEO

  • Mary-Elizabeth Harmon: (Gibson)
    Self-employed ( - Writer/Storyteller

    Karl Hoffmann: (Strand)
    Aberystwyth University - Professor of Parasitology

    Scott Plafker: (Gibson)
    Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation - Member, Aging & Metabolism Research Program

    Albert Ruff: (August)
    US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense - Principal Investigator

  • Jennifer Bostic: (Strand)
    MedImmune, Inc. - Scientist II

    Hsiao-Yu Emily Cheng: (Hardwick)
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Attending Pathologist, Department of Pathology;
    Member, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program

    Deborah Croteau: (August)
    National Institute on Aging - Staff Scientist

    Qi Huang: (G. Hayward)
    Assembly Biosciences - Vice President, Virology Discovery

    Ruth Luthi-Carter: (Schnaar)
    Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour, University of Leicester - Professor

    Keith Robertson: (Ambinder)
    Mayo Clinic - Professor of Pharmacology

    Loretta Tse: (Hardwick)
    Oxford Bioscience Partners - Associate

    Ishrat Waheed: (G. Hayward)
    Hyattmedcom & KSTAR Communications Inc. - Advisor/Director, Education and Research; University of Alberta, University of Calgary - Communications Adjunct Faculty

    Loren Walensky, MD/PhD: (Snyder)
    Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School - Professor

    Lynda Yang, MD/PhD: (Schnaar)
    University of Michigan, Brachial Plexus Program - Director; University of Michigan, Neurological Surgery - Clinical Professor

  • Yu-Jiun Chan: (G. Hayward)
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital - Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine; National Yang-Ming University - Adjunct Associate professor, Institute of Public Health

    Margaret Guo: (Hildreth)
    Sacremento Medical Center - Hospital Physician

    James Hsieh: (D. Hayward)
    Washington University School of Medicine - Professor

    Yuesheng Zhang: (Talalay)
    Roswell Park Cancer Institute - Senior Member and Professor of Oncology; Member, Chemoprevention Program; Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences

  • Marisela Gomez: (Hildreth)
    Author and Community Activist

    Teresa Spehar: (Strand)
    Bio PhD JD Consulting - Owner and Principal

  • Mark Chevrier: (Cotter)
    The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson - Head - Lupus Strategy, Rheum / Arthritis Disease Area

    Mary Dwyer, MA: (Shaper) - OncoSec Medical Inc - Senior Scientist

    Markham Luke, MD/PhD: (Coffey)
    Food & Drug Administration - Director of Therapeutic Performance, Office of Generic Drugs

    Janet Meurer Ogden: (Shaper/Schnaar)
    SYNOV Solutions LLC - Co-Founder and Co-Owner

  • David Azorsa: (Hildreth)
    Phoenix Children's Hospital - Senior Research Scientist; University of Arizona College of Medicine - Research Associate Professor

    David Bredt, MD/PhD: (Snyder)
    Johnson & Johnson - Global Head of Discovery- Neuroscience

    Elizabeth Fixman: (G. Hayward)
    Department of Medicine, McGill University - Associate Professor

    Craig Monell: (Strand)
    BioLegend - Vice President of Business Operations

    Robert Streeper: (Cotter/Colvin)
    BTNS (a start-up pharmaceutical company) - CSO and co-owner

    Traci Tanaka-Hall: (Strand)
    Macromolecular Structure Group, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Senior Investigator, Epigenetics & Stem Cell Biology Laboratory

    Anthony Welch: (Gibson)
    National Cancer Institute - Program Director/Project Officer

    Amina Woods: (Cotter)
    National Institute on Drug Abuse, Intramural Research Program - Tenure Track Investigator, Chief Structural Biology Unit; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

  • Robert Mourey: (Snyder)
    Eli Lilly and Company - Medical Science Liaison

    John Newitt: (Shaper)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb - Principle Scientist

    Rimas Orentas: (Hildreth)
    University of Washington, School of Medicine - Professor

    M. Scot Roberts: (G. Hayward)
    Altimmune, Inc. - Chief Scientific Officer

  • Linda Arterburn: (August)
    Medifast/Jason Pharmaceuticals - Vice President, Scientific and Clinical Affairs

    Ruth Schneider Russo: (Shaper)
    Walla Walla Community College - Chemistry Instructor

    Barbara Slusher: (Coyle)
    Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Professor Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience

    Elizabeth Wolffe: (August)
    Synlogic, Inc. - Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

  • Fayez Hamzeh: (Lietman)
    Tiziana Life Sciences & Rasna Therapeutics - Sr. Vice President

    Samuel Hassenbusch - deceased: (Colvin)
    MD Anderson - Professor of neurosurgery; Texas Pain Society - President of the Board of directors

    Jonathan Pevsner: (Snyder)
    Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Professor

    Curtis Ruegg: (Strand)
    Parvus Therapeutics, Inc - President and CEO

    James Russo: (Colvin)
    Whitman College - Professor, Biochemistry, Biophysics, & Molecular Biology

    Samir Sauma: (Strand)
    National Institute on Aging, NIH - Director, Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation

    Lisa Shantz: (Talalay)
    Penn State College of Medicine - Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology



  • Richard Ambinder: (G. Hayward)
    Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine - James B. Murphy Professor

    Paul Lieberman: (G. Hayward)
    The Wistar Institute - Hilary Koprowski, M.D., Endowed Professor;
    Professor and Program Leader, Gene Expression and Regulation Program; Director, Center for Chemical Biology and Translational Medicine; Scientific Director, Protein Expression and Libraries Facility

    Timothy Murphy: (Coyle)
    University of British Columbia - Professor, Neuroscience

    Alan Partin, MD/PhD: (Coffey)
    Johns Hopkins Hopsital and University - Chairman,  Jakurski Family Professor and Director; Urologist-in-Chief; Chairman, Department of Urology; Professor, Department of Oncology, Pathology

  • Donna D'Agostino: (Gibson)
    University of Padova - Professor

    Kenneth Kinzler: (Vogelstein)
    Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine - Professor, Oncology

    Jeffrey Nye, MD/PhD: (Snyder)
    Johnson & Johnson Innovation - Vice President, Neuroscience Innovation
    and Scientific Partnership Strategy

  • Wendie Anderson Berg: (Strand)
    Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - Professor of Radiology

    Jefferson Chen: (August)
    UCI Health - Neurosurgeon

    Alan Fields: (Shaper)
    Mayo Clinic - Professor and Consultant, Department of Cancer Biology

    William Nelson, MD PhD: (Coffey)
    Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University - Marion I. Knott Director, Professor of Oncology

    Ralph Parchment: (Shaper)
    US Dept of Heath and Human Services/NCI - Senior Laboratory Director, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis

    Ian Reynolds: (Snyder)
    Rewind Therapeutics - CEO

    Kevin Walton: (Schnaar)
    National Institute on Drug Abuse - Acting Chief, Medical Consequences Branch

    Daryl Warder: (August)
    Bronson Healthcare - Neurosurgeon

    Robert Zaczek: (Coyle)
    NeurOp - Chief Scientific Officer

  • David Imagawa: (August & Mayer)
    UC Irvine - Professor of Clinical Surgery, Surgery, School of Medicine,
    Chief Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgery/Islet Cell Transplantation, Suzanne Dykema Endowed Chair in Pancreatic Cancer

    Jonathan Allen Javitch: (Snyder)
    Columbia University - Professor of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Chief, Division of Molecular Therapeutics Director, Lieber Center for Schizophrenia Research and Treatment

    Stephen Strittmatter: (Snyder)
    Yale School of Medicine - Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neuroscience; Director, Cellular Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration and Repair; Director, Yale Alzheimer's Disease Research Center; Director, Memory Disorders Clinic

    Rosario Trifiletti: (Snyder)
    The PANDAS/PANS Institute - Pediatric Neurologist

  • Carol C. Blackburn:
    Johns Hopkins University Research Psychologist

    Alice F. Irmiere Marcy: (Hayward)
    Dynamis Therapeutics - Scientific Operations Officer

    Amy P. Skubitz:
    University of Minnesota - Professor; Director of the Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Program

    Richard Van Breemen: (Fenselau)
    Oregon State University - Linus Pauling Endowed Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Director, Linus Pauling Institute

  • William B. Isaacs:
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Professor, Urology

    Donald C. Manning:
    Adynxx, Inc - Chief Medical Officer
    The University of Virginia - Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

    Kenneth M. Murphy:
    Washington University School of Medicine - Eugene Opie First Centennial Professor, Pathology & Immunology

    Marco Zarbin:
    Rutgers New Jersey Medical School - Chair of the Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science

  • William S. Aronstein:
    CTI Clinical Trials and Consulting - Vice President, Medical Affairs

    Arthur P. Bertolino:
    IDI Clinical Development Consulting - CEO & Chief Medical Officer

    Lloyd D. Fricker:
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine - Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

    Alfred T. Malouf:
    DuraMater Enterprises LLC - Principal and Co-Founder

    Debra L. Niehoff:
    Bucks County Community College - Instructor and Coordinator, Neuroscience

    Sabina I. Robinson:
    UPMC Hillman Cancer Center - Strategic Planning and Scientific Writer

    David A. Scheinberg:
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Chair, Molecular Pharmacology Program, SKI, Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics

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