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Bert Vogelstein

Bert Vogelstein

Department Affiliation: Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center; Pathology
Degree: M.D., Johns Hopkins University
Rank: Clayton Professor of Oncology and Pathology
Telephone Number: 410-955-8878
Fax Number: 410-955-0548
E-mail address:
School of Medicine Address: Room 589, Cancer Research Bldg., 1650 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21231
Molecular genetics of human colorectal cancer.

Our group has studied the genetics of human cancer for 30 years and has helped establish several principles governing the pathogenesis of human neoplasia:   (i) Human tumors represent the expansion of a single transformed cell.  (ii) The initiation of this process and the expansion of the transformed cell are due to mutations in specific oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.  (iii) These mutations occur in a preferred order as the tumor progresses from benign to malignant stages.  (iv) Mutations in the same genes can occur either through inherited or somatic pathways.  (v) Naturally occurring mutations in these genes can provide critical clues to their biochemical and physiologic functions.  (vi) Heritable alterations affecting genetic stability can lead to an accelerated accumulation of somatic mutations and an associated predisposition to cancer.

Our current work is devoted to using the genetic alterations responsible for cancer to develop new diagnostic tests to identify cancers earlier and new therapies to treat patients with advanced disease.   Novel approaches are essential for reducing the morbidity and mortality from the most aggressive cancer types, such as those of the pancreas.


Representative Publications:

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Other graduate programs in which Dr. Vogelstein participates:

Cellular and Molecular Medicine