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Netz Arroyo

Netz Arroyo

Department Affiliation: Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Degree: Ph.D., University of Texas
Rank: Assistant Professor
Telephone Number: 443-287-4798
E-mail address:
School of Medicine Address: 316 Hunterian Building, 725 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, MD 21205
Lab Website:

Open Postdoctoral Fellow Position


Exploiting Biology-Inspired Electrochemical Sensing to Study the Fate of Molecules in the Body

The ability to monitor arbitrary molecules in situ in the body as we undergo normal daily routines could empower us to make educated decisions regarding our diet, fitness, medical treatments and overall health status. Our laboratory pursues this vision by developing biology-inspired electrochemical sensors that support real-time, continuous measurements of a wide range of physiologically-important molecules in vivo. Our research blends chemistry with engineering, biophysics and pharmacology to, for example, study factors involved in the recognition of small-molecule targets by nucleic acid- or peptide-based receptors, develop metabolism-responsive drug delivery approaches, and produce diagnostic platforms for personalized health care. We pursue these goals in an environment that nurtures creativity, inclusivity of ideas, and innovation.


Representative Publications:

  • Li, H., Arroyo-Curras, N., Kang, D., Ricci, F., Plaxco, K.W. Dual-reporter drift correction to enhance the performance of electrochemical aptamer-based sensors in whole blood. JACS 138 (49): 5809–15812, 2016.  Pub Med Reference
  • Arroyo-Currás, N., Somerson, J., Vieira, P.A., Ploense, K.L., Kippin, T.E., Plaxco, K. W. Real-time measurement of small molecules directly in awake, ambulatory animals. PNAS 114 (4): 645-650, 2017.  Pub Med Reference
  • Arroyo-Curras, N., Scida, K., Ploense, K.L., Kippin, T.E., Plaxco, K.W. High Surface Area Electrodes Generated via Electrochemical Roughening Improve the Signaling of Electrochemical Aptamer-based Biosensors. Anal. Chem. 89(22):12185-12191, 2017. Pub Med Reference
  • Arroyo-Curras, N., Dauphin-Ducharme, P., Ortega, G., Ploense, K.L., Kippin, T.E., Plaxco, K.W. Subsecond-Resolved Molecular Measurements in the Living Body Using Chronoamperometrically Interrogated Aptamer-Based Sensors. ACS Sensors 3(2):360-366, 2018. Pub Med Reference
  • Arroyo-Curras, N., Adhikari, R., Somerson, J., Ortega, G., Makarov, D.E., Plaxco, K.W., Dauphin-Ducharme, P. Chain Dynamics Limit Electron Transfer from Electrode-Bound, Single-Stranded Oligonucleotides. J. Phys. Chem. C   Pub Med Reference

Other graduate programs in which Dr. Arroyo participates:

BCMB Program