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Peripheral Nerve Surgery Experts

Johns Hopkins Peripheral Nerve Surgery Center is led by Allan Belzberg, M.D., a peripheral nerve surgeon. He works closely with his colleagues in plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopaedic trauma surgery and radiology to provide well-rounded care to patients with peripheral nerve injuries:

  • Nerve surgeons are experts in reconnecting injured nerves and in other methods of nerve repair.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons have a wealth of expertise, especially when it comes to muscle transfers.
  • Orthopaedic trauma surgeons can help assess and address bone injuries that often accompany traumatic peripheral nerve injuries. 
  • Radiology specialists offer imaging expertise that helps surgeons make informed treatment decisions and precise repairs.

Together, these specialists provide world-renowned surgical care for peripheral nerve injuries, nerve tumors and nerve compressions and entrapments.

Meet our Nerve Surgeons and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Advanced Practitioners

Bronwyn Slobogean, P.A.

The Role of Imaging Expertise

In the case of imaging, our doctors use the talent and expertise of Johns Hopkins radiology and radiological science faculty. MRI neurography helps our doctors see nerves in a way that no other imaging test can match.

Our Radiology Experts

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