International Arts + Mind Lab

The International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM Lab) is a multidisciplinary research-to-practice initiative from the Pedersen Brain Science Institute (BSi) at The Johns Hopkins University that is accelerating the field of neuroaesthetics. Its mission is to amplify human potential using the arts and aesthetic experiences.

Science of the Arts

BSi donor and visionary Marilyn Pedersen believed there was untapped potential for the arts to support brain health and well-being. With this in mind, the BSi hosted the first Science of the Arts speaker series in October 2010, bringing together representatives of the arts, art historians, educators, psychologists and brain researchers to discuss the emerging field of neuroaesthetics — often described as "your brain on the arts."

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The enormously positive response to the event, both nationally and abroad, led to the incubation of the new neuroaesthetics initiative at the BSi. The International Arts + Mind Lab was launched in 2016 with a mission to study the intersection of brain sciences and the arts and to bring research to practice. In 2019, the IAM Lab evolved into a full-fledged center, led by its executive director, Susan Magsamen.

Today, the IAM Lab convenes world-renowned brain scientists and practitioners in architecture, music and other arts to foster collaboration and research in the field of applied neuroaesthetics.

The IAM Lab is pioneering Impact Thinking, a translational research approach designed to solve intractable problems in health, well-being and learning through the arts. Its goal is to empower the global neuroaesthetics community to change the way we think today and enhance the way we live tomorrow.

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