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Better Hearing and Speech Month

Child with cochlear implantA patient of the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Implant Center, who has a cochlear implant, with his mother. 

The Johns Hopkins Division of Audiology and Cochlear Implant Center are using Better Hearing and Speech Month in May to highlight how critical it is to identify and act on hearing issues in children as early as possible. Hearing is critical for children to develop listening and spoken communication, which are key to establishing language and literacy.

Hear from children and families working with the Cochlear Implant Center and The Hearing and Speech Agency about how early detection and intervention have helped children with hearing loss. 

What You Need to Know

  • According to the National Institutes of Health, about two to three of every 1,000 newborns in the U.S. have some level of hearing loss in one or both ears.
  • Standard of care follows the "1-3-6" rule: Hearing should be screened by 1 month old, hearing loss should be diagnosed with an auditory brainstem response test by 3 months old, and infants with hearing loss should be fitted with hearing aids and enrolled in early intervention programs by 6 months old. 
  • Research shows that children are better equipped to build language and communication strategies that allow them to reach their full potential when hearing loss is identified and intervention services are implemented as early as possible. (Sharma & Nash, 2009; Cole & Flexer, 2011; Ganek, et al., 2012)
  • The individuals with Disabilities Education Act allows children with hearing loss to receive free, age-appropriate intervention programs from birth to age 21.

Patient Resources

Children with Hearing Loss and Their Families Share Their Experiences at Johns Hopkins

Cochlear Implantation in Children: Johns Hopkins Cochlear Implant Center

Children who have experienced hearing loss at a young age, their parents and specialists from Johns Hopkins Cochlear Implant Center discuss the importance of detecting hearing loss early and how cochlear implants can help children develop speech and language skills.

Early Hearing Intervention for Children: The Hearing and Speech Agency

Learn from parents, children with hearing loss, and the specialists at the Hearing and Speech Agency about why hearing intervention at a very young age is critical to building the foundation for listening, learning and preparing for life.

Find a Hearing or Speech Specialist

Meet the Cochlear Implant Center's team of specialists in the Johns Hopkins Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.

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