MRI Information

If you have a cochlear implant* and your physician has determined that you need an MRI, you may need to have your implant bound before the MRI procedure. To arrange that, please have your physician fax the MRI order and required insurance authorization to Johns Hopkins Radiology scheduling at 443-451-6986. Not following these steps can result in cancellation of your MRI.

Once everything is received, you will be contacted with the time for the study. The MRI will be scheduled when one of the neurotology fellows is available to perform the binding, typically between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, to minimize disruption in the surgical training of the fellows.

If you have questions and would like to discuss the MRI procedure or whether your implant requires binding, please contact:

*Advanced Bionics Ultra3D implants (used at Johns Hopkins since October 1, 2018) do not require binding so you can skip these steps.

U.S. Manufacturer Instructions for an MRI With a Cochlear Implant

Advanced Bionics

While Advanced Bionics Ultra3D implant does not require binding, other Advanced Bionics models do. They include:

  • HiRes 90K
  • HiRes 90K Advantage
  • HiRes Ultra (not to be confused with Ultra3D)

If your implant is Advanced Bionics Clarion C1 or CII, you should not have an MRI while you have the implant.


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