The Johns Hopkins Voice Center

Our center treats a wide variety of voice conditions using the latest surgical, nonsurgical and in-office treatment techniques.

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    Meet our team of laryngologists and speech language pathologists dedicated to working with patients suffering from voice, swallowing or airway disorders.

  • Gender Affirming Voice Care

    The Johns Hopkins Voice Center offers interdisciplinary evaluation and interventional voice services. Find more about our gender affirming voice care.

  • Patient Stories

    Patients share their experience receiving care from our center.

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Our Approach to Dysphonia

If your voice is not sounding or working as it should, you might have dysphonia. There are many different causes of dysphonia, from vocal cord paralysis to growths or lesions on a vocal cord. Our Voice Center team offers expertise in diagnosis and treatment of spasmodic and muscle tension dysphonia.

Diagnosing and Treating Voice Disorders: Johns Hopkins Voice Center | Q&A

Director of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center, Dr. Lee Akst, answers questions about voice disorders, when it is time to see a voice specialist and what to expect when you do.

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