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Laboratory of Vestibular NeuroAdaption

  • Laboratory of Vestibular NeuroAdaptation

    The Laboratory of Vestibular NeuroAdaptation investigates mechanisms of gaze stability in people with loss of vestibular sensation. A bulk of our research investigates motor learning in the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) using different types of error signals. In addition, we investigate the synergistic relationship between the vestibular and saccadic oculomotor systems as trainable strategies for gaze stability. We are particularly interested in developing novel technologies to assess and deliver improved rehabilitation outcomes. We are validating a hand-held computer tablet for assessment of sensorimotor function and participating in a clinical trial comparing traditional vestibular rehabilitation against a device developed in our laboratory that can unilaterally or bilaterally strengthen the VOR.

    Members of the lab include physical therapists, physicians, engineers, statisticians and post-doctoral fellows. The laboratory is supported by generous grant funding from NASA, the NIH, ...the DOD and grateful patients
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    Research Areas: gaze stability, vestibular sensation, vestibulo-ocular reflex, rehabilitation, sensorimotor functions

Published Research 


Research Team

  • Yoay Gimmon, P.T., Ph.D.

    Dr. Gimmon is a postdoctoral fellow involved in all aspects of research conducted at the laboratory. He is an expert in measures of gait kinematics and is actively collecting and analyzing data as part of the SARA (Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation Apparatus) study and is currently examining plasticity of the VOR and the recovery of balance after vestibular implantation.

    Dr. Gimmon appears in his photo wearing both a video-oculography device for recording eye and head motion, as well as the lab's patented StableEyes VOR training device.
  • Jennifer Millar, M.S., P.T.

    Ms. Millar is an expert clinician treating vestibular and neurologic disorders. She is engaged in all aspects of the laboratory’s research and serves as the study coordinator for the SARA (Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation Apparatus). Ms. Millar also assists with data collection and analysis.

    Jennifer Millar, M.S., P.T.
  • Mark J. Shelhamer, Sc.D.

    Dr. Shelhammer is an engineer with experience in sensorimotor adaptation, mathematical modeling and human adaptation to space flight. He patented the SARA technique for portable assessment.

    Dr. Shelhammer appears in his photo floating in the zero gravity lab.
  • Daniel Gold, D.O.

    Dr. Gold is a neurologist with clinical expertise in neuro-ophthalmology and vestibular pathophysiology. He serves a critical role of assisting in the interpretation of the clinical and research data.

    Daniel Gold, D.O.
  • Dale Roberts, M.S.

    Mr. Roberts is a computer engineer and computer programmer for the laboratory and maintains the computers and network in addition to being a valued scientific contributor, having expertise in oculomotor and vestibular behavior. He has programmed much of the tablet-based applications and software the laboratory uses.

    Dale Roberts, M.S.
  • Charles Rohde, Ph.D.

    Dr. Rohde is a biostatistician who provides oversight of all statistical analyses.


Former Members of the Research Team

Funding Research

If you are interested in making a gift to continue this important research please contact the following:

Donna Clare, CFRE
Director of Development
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